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  1. Ubuntu 8.04 (32bit) , 9.04 (amd 32 & 64)
  2. Ubuntu 7.04 , 8.04 and soon 9.04
  3. But only if you WIN can you get access to the other teams log !
  4. I like RTS games. It levels the playing field a bit. Not only do YOU have to manage all at the same time, but so do every body else.
  5. LOL !!!! Man you made my day ! This is the best reply of the year so far.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I didn't mean it in a bad way. I just thought that since I'm gonna spend money on a game (What I don't know), I can rather buy/donate to this project and have a beta that I can test. I only have time every ~ 3 - 6 months to relax, and then I'd like to play a RTS on GNU/LINUX. I have tried AOE II under wine, but it's to slow. Any suggestions ?
  7. What's the chance of buying a beta ? I don't get a lot of free time, but when I do I'd like to test it and I feel due to the limited time I can't qualify as a real tester (3-6 months of no play). I don't want to buy M$ games (wine) and its time for me to buy my yearly game. I'd much rather "buy" a beta from you guys (I'll take what I can get) ! (Ubuntu 64 7.10)
  8. I don't know if I must tell every body about 0AD yet. Some people can be very aggressive if they have to wait for it. Believe me that the day that 0AD will be released, the net will be unusably SLOW ! I will not only try and download it, but will also burn as much CD's as I can to distribute to other people with slow or no internet connection. So the WORD will spread like WILDFIRE when it releases !
  9. Can't wait ! I think this will replace AOE on a lot of Desktops. A lot of my friends are addicted to AOE II Conquerers and want to play it on Ubuntu. Now we WILL. (Now where did that time go ? ....)
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