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    boost error

    i think that i've some sort of problem with openGL i'm currently the nvidia driver version 185.18.36, which gives OpenGL 3.x support. The graphics card is a GeForce 9600 GT 1024MB DDR2. here is the console log on the moment of the crash: setlec@localhost:~/workspace/ADGameEngine/build/workspaces/gcc$ cd ../../../binaries/system && ./pyrogenesis_dbg TIMER| InitVfs: 134.178 ms TIMER| InitScripting: 3.65233 ms TIMER| CONFIG_Init: 32.9333 ms TIMER| write_sys_info: 885.579 us ogl_tex.cpp(699): Performance warning: your graphics card does not support compressed textures. The game will try t
  2. Setlec

    boost error

    ok i've updated the wiki so far, and i've tried to compile again, new build error log... build_log2.txt
  3. Setlec

    boost error

    Thanks janwas for deleting my previous post! i've got the libwxgtk2.8-devel installed, should i install those two too? - libwxgtku2.8-devel - libwxgtkglu2.8-devel
  4. It would be great if the 0 A.D. would reach stable and release package soon, like that maybe TLA would be released soon after! Cheers!
  5. Setlec

    boost error

    ok, i've got installed but i get this new build error (it's huge!). can you delete my previous post? thank you! build_log.txt
  6. Setlec

    boost error

    it's strange i've binutils installed, already... i'll check out on mandriva forums about BFD, but if binutils ships it then i don't know what is wrong...
  7. Setlec

    boost error

    can someone pinpoint the missing lib? setlec@localhost:~/workspace/ADGameEngine/build/workspaces/gcc$ make ==== Building mocks_real ==== make[1]: `../../../binaries/system/libmocks_real_dbg.a' is up to date. ==== Building network ==== make[1]: `../../../binaries/system/libnetwork_dbg.a' is up to date. ==== Building engine ==== make[1]: `../../../binaries/system/libengine_dbg.a' is up to date. ==== Building graphics ==== make[1]: `../../../binaries/system/libgraphics_dbg.a' is up to date. ==== Building i18n ==== make[1]: `../../../binaries/system/libi18n_dbg.a' is up to date. ==== Building at
  8. Mandriva linux 32/64, win 7 64
  9. i might get that done but i won't promise anything coz i'm implementing to another game engine (with my noobish skill)... but if i am successful on my first implementation then i'll do that here... Cheers
  10. i think that a physics engine must be implemented you could use the bullet physics which really good! today's games are more realistic and the most gamers want realistic games even it's a sci-fi or fantasy game. Cheers
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