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Art for Aristeia.


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if someone can start drawing Egyptians and other People from Bronze Age, this our post.

we can have Promo Material:


Art Box.

Faction/civilization art. Example. Phoenicians Units in Combat.

Something like that, and if want have good camera and Photo Skill can do it some pics to inspire us.(model).


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the second is... can make a background for Aristeia based in an idea  or concept like actual background.


but an Minoan or other temple, that you would like paint.

the important is the perspective

  • Low-angle shot
  • 45 degress from building
  • evening


if dont want, isn't important at all.

I love the style watercolor in your art.




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I find the new egyptian music very oppressive and stressful, nothing "soft and relaxing" like it is said...and the music for sea people has nothing special...I'm sorry to be that negative, but the musics in 0ad are so incredible that listening to this kind of music feels like going backwards...however if it's your choice, I respect it...

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4 minutes ago, Tomcelmare said:

niektb, I was referring to the post of Lion.Kanzen of last friday, and find the musics passable at best...(the music for egyptians already implemented in the game for aristeia is fine though).

Can be nice a variation but... Isn't that have in mind. My nostalgia thinks in midi music by the original game.

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