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[Discussion] Blacksmith

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Design Committee Thread here: http://www.wildfireg...showtopic=17311

My thoughts:

Some have suggested and I like the idea of adding a Blacksmith structure for most factions. Basically, every faction that only has 1 barracks structure would get the structure (all except Persians, who have a Stables, and Carthaginians, who have multiple Embassies). The technology tree for the Barracks then would focus on Train Time, Health, Speed, and Basic->Advanced->Elite upgrade, while the Blacksmith's tech tree would focus on Weapons (attack) and Armor.

I've already prototyped it (with a generic placeholder building model) and I like it a lot. What would be needed are:

1.) A blacksmith building model

  • Hellenic civs (Athenians, Macedonians, Spartans) can share the same model, just with different civ-specific shield props.
  • Celtic civs (Britons, Gauls) can share the same model and props.
  • Iberians can use their current "barracks" model for use as their Blacksmith, while we model a new barracks for them.
  • Romans may need to revamp the barracks a bit, since it looks a lot like a blacksmith, but it won't be too hard.
  • As mentioned above, Persians and Carthaginians wouldn't receive a blacksmith. They already have to build a 2nd structure.

2. A "Blacksmith" structure portrait. A hammer and anvil would look nice. We can reuse the "metalworker" tech portrait for now.

3. Custom "structure complete" and "selection" sound effects.

4. <SpecificName> for each culture's blacksmith.

  • Romans: Armamentarium (means: Armory). Rename barracks to Castra, which is more accurate anyway.
  • Greeks: Khalkeîon.
  • Iberians?
  • Celts?
  • Mauryans?
  • Ptolemies?

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Some ideas and suggestions, each faction, can have specials armor, for example roman armor Lorica hamata. And helmet, like montefortino. Greek with Doric Helmet, and upgrades to have elephant armor. And if bonus per each special or unique armor can be different based in historic effectiveness, with armor exponential system that be easy to feel into gameplay. For example : what is best a Scutum or hoplon. Obviously without controversy. I found this in the following link http://historum.com/war-military-history/2659-shield-most-effective.html

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will it only be for tech research? or will it also have a separate unit you can create with it? or a certain aura or other bonus.

if it's only for tech research, one building will be enough, while it's nice to see cities with a big diversity of buildings.

If I may propose a unit, what about a 'repairer', someone who can't fight, but who can repair buildings quite fast (repairing buildings with normal units is slow, and usually not worth the effort).

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I was hoping we would have blacksmiths, so that sounds good to me. I still think we might want them for the Persians and Carthaginians though.

I think Persians should have it but not Carthaginians. Carthage can live with fewer techs as a penalty for having such a wide variety of units.

If I may propose a unit, what about a 'repairer', someone who can't fight, but who can repair buildings quite fast (repairing buildings with normal units is slow, and usually not worth the effort).

That would be very cool. It's true, currently repairing things is quite useless. I think the normal repair rate should go up a little bit, and something like a fast-repairing (and possibly fast-gathering?) unit would be cool.

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I would not go for a separate repair unit (and certainly no fast gathering unit).

No units should be trained in the blacksmith's in my opinion.

Also no aura, what would be the explanation for this? Faster rearming after throwing a pilum? xD Let's not over complicate things like this.

Units that become available in the barracks once the blacksmith has been built/certain research in the bs has been done sounds great though. Enabling the 'elite' ranking only when you have a bs also sounds good but may be difficult to explain to new players.

Not giving bs to certain civs could be confusing, but I do admit that the arguments on which this decision was based are valid.

An increase in repair rate sound good to me. Repair rate should be bound to build rate, but could be multiplied by 1.5 or something?

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I agree with this topic idawin in garrison units to quickly load their projectiles this applies to units with second attack, so I would give them no advantage over units such as archers and skirmishers.

The units would be:

Roman swordsman

Persian Inmortal

Elephants melee

Surely there must be a only building technologies, and upgrades, special for each civilization in the game. Do not you guys think but the more technologies possess the game the gameplay will be different, and that's what makes players do not get bored, that for every game they played a new decision, a set new plans.

---------traduced by google translator app---------

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What if the blacksmith researches faster if you garrison some citizen(-soldiers) inside?

I like that. Maybe unit building speed could go up for all barracks when you garrison citizen soldiers in a blacksmith as well (weapons/armor are produced faster). But that's getting complicated again...

Anyway the blacksmith will need to have a lot of researchable techs if you want this to have any noticeable effect on gameplay.

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For the Iberians, the Basque word for blacksmith is errementari

Its a common mistake to think that basques are the same people as Iberians, when they are different cultures, they both lived in different areas with different language (Iberians come from indo-european language), as you can see in this picture: (basques = vascones)


Anyways the correct word for blacksmith is Herreria

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