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modern warfare reaches 0 A.D.


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I've been working on adding relative-to-prop velocity for particles so your jet effects should be improvable fairly easily

This will be in alpha15:



ok, I made the flames going horizontally.

It doesn't get easier: the orientation of the particles is GLOBAL and not relative to the prop


The particles always go in the specific direction, instead of adjusting their direction with the model.

C'mon guys, I really need help at getting all this functional :/

You may want to update the planes :).

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After wraitii's fixes, the Council succeeded in fixing another issue with planes, which made planes jump around wildly. The last issue I know of now is that the rotation (yaw) drifts over time. That's known to happen with quadrocopter sensorics (so it's strange it happend in 0AD too, because we don't have sensorics, so the issue might have been a random rotation offset).

Definitely we first need to know how to reproduce this issue before we can fix it.

Modern warfare now has a chance since Sander's turrets.

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