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  1. For those interested in our progress we showed up another update here : http://www.moddb.com/games/rogue-republic/news/battle-for-kaliningrad
  2. I am not FX artist but i got one quick question ,how do you get from this : https://dl.dropboxus...24/Untitled.png to this https://dl.dropboxus...58013624/fh.png I want the shadows to disappear and the opacity to be higher quality .
  3. More updates http://www.moddb.com/games/rogue-republic/news/belarus-crossroads
  4. https://www.facebook.com/republicrogue
  5. I have already looked over those and there is not much information about whole process of exporting an actual animation :|
  6. What are the steps to set up and export an animation ingame using 3ds max ?
  7. Throughout our latest updates we gathered a good number of watcher and attention , does that count as a big deal ?
  8. The reason why i made the units so tiny is because of the formations ,if i make them too big it will cause clipping ,the unit going through the guy next to him .
  9. It worked quite nicely ,thanks .The shaders are loking great .
  10. Dosen't seem to work for me I will try another time right now i want to know how can i create a new faction .
  11. Yeah copied one of the already existing building's code ,added "basic_trans_spec " but it still dosent work This is how it looks <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <actor version="1"> <castshadow/> <group> <variant frequency="100" name="Base"> <mesh>structural/rome_factory.dae</mesh> <textures> <texture file="structural/rome_factory.dds" name="baseTex"/> <texture file="structural/rome_factory_norm.dds" name="normTex"/> <texture file="structural/rome_factory_spec.dds" name="specTex"/> </textures> </variant> </group> <material>basic_trans_spec.xml</material> </actor>
  12. yeah we will add house colour logos and pantings on them once we got them done Also props can be added later .
  13. Right Anyway i have managed to import all 4 buildings for the first faction : https://dl.dropbox.c.../buildings2.png Now i need to figure out why speculars and normal maps arent showing up
  14. Yeah we will go open source However dont know how that would help us to get any extra help :\ We set our plans for a basic built that will include 2 factions ,most units are already done ,only 2 of them remain to be skinned and a few buildings remain to be mapped and skinned.
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