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Do you know any good (especially war) movies that set around the period of this game (500BC-500AD)? I think it would be useful for those who interested in this era, which I guess most of us do. The more historically accurate the better, although popular movies also welcomed.

I have difficulties to distinguish the time of which each historical epic movie I've watched is in, but here's some that I could remember:

1. Gladiator (around 180AD)

2. 300 (umm... I don't remember but it was featured in the game so it must be around the era too)

3. I think Troy is supposed to be around 1200-1300BC but the movie Troy (2004) featured soldiers and ships that looks a lot like the ones featured in this game)

... well that's all I can remember. Care to add?

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Rome (TV Series) (49 BC)

Spartacus: Blood and Sand (TV Series) (73 BC)

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (TV Series) (73 BC)

Alexander (Film) (283 BC)

Ben-Hur (Film) (26 AD)

Spartacus (Film) (73 BC)

The Eagle (Film) (140 AD)

Agora (Film) (391 AD)

Centurion (Film) (117 AD)

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Two movies about Celts :

-Boudica (2003) (full movie here), the warrior queen that fought the Roman Empire (circa A.D. 60). Seems quite good, I think I'll watch it someday.

-Vercingetorix (2001), a terrible (2.6 on IMDB !!) french movie about the leader of Gaul (82 BC – 46 BC) though

gives the impression of a watchable film... I haven't seen it yet and the reviews keep me from trying ! :/

Pretty sad to see that a culture such as the Celts haven't yet been portrayed in a great way in a movie...

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Quo Vadis (1951) (around 68 AD) - A romance, but involving the roman emperor Nero, St. Paul and christian martyrs. It's worth watching, really. (The name means "Where are you going?")

Hispania, la Leyenda (2010) (II century BC) - Series about the most brilliant leader to ever defy the Romans: the Lusitanian Viriathus.

Obs.: "300" and "300 Spartans" (the same story, different movies) are set in 480 BC, a year before the battle of Platea, so yeah, they are within the timeframe of the game


-Boudica (2003) (full movie here)

at 00:05:13, is it the voice of Skyrim guards ("I used to be an adventurer like you, then i took an arrow in the knee")??? Edited by Pedro Falcão
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I just found this info about a movie projet whose story is set around the 1st century, telling the conflict between Germans and Romans :


The film is called Arminius, after the German leader.

More infos on that chieftain on Wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arminius

Well, that could lead to a very interesting movie!

They compare the script to Braveheart's.

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This part of the wikipedia's article drew my attention:

Arminius's victory against the Roman legions in the Teutoburg forest had a far-reaching effect on the subsequent history of both the ancient Germanic peoples and on the Roman Empire. The Romans were to make no more concerted attempts to conquer and permanently hold Germania beyond the river Rhine.
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Tonight I watched MONGOL, a biopic of Gengis Khan. This is not in the timeframe of 0 A.D., but it's a very good film with great costumes, weaponry and depiction of the people's life and culture. I enjoyed it a lot. It's a Russian/Mongol/Kzakh/German production ! It's great to have such quality productions from countries that are not USA sometimes! ;)

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Mongol isn't historically accurate, judging by the plot summary I read. Sounds like it could be a realistic portrayal of the culture, though.

The Mongols left a very nice history of those times, a book called "The Secret History of the Mongols", of which just one copy survived. This had been transcribed into Chinese characters used as a phonetic script to represent the sound of the Mongol words. This made it very hard to translate, but when it finally was it provided an unvarnished account of the life of Temujen, who gave himself the title of Genghis/Chingis Khan.

Temujen was never a slave, as this movie has it; he was the son of a minor chief's junior wife who made himself chief through fratricide. He expanded his power by killing his enemies instead of the traditional practice of letting them run away while stealing their stuff. Then he gave all his men a share of the loot so they wouldn't lose out by not stopping to plunder. He came up with this so he wouldn't be robbed any more, but these practices convinced most people that it was a better idea to follow him than oppose him. Thus he was set on the path to empire.

Not a very sympathetic character to the modern mind, I suppose that's why they invented a different story for the movie.

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