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Please welcome my Lord

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Let me introduce myself, I am the Ambassador for the Great Lord Feloric. My Lord rules a distant planet and has recently set his sights on Earth. He likes to practice his skills with video games from you planet, he will need those skills if he is ever to become the Emperor Of Earth.

Now you should know a little something about the Order Of The Wolf. You humans can think of my race as humanoid wolves, because that is what we resemble. But more and more humans are being accepted into the Order. All of which serve the Great Lord Feloric unquestionably, he is wise and benevolent, there is no better life than serving my Lord.

But you should know why I'm here. My Lord as asked me to investigate more about this video game. It looks promising to him, so promising that if the game meets my Lord's standards he promises to spare the lives of the good people at Wildfire Games when he is crowned Emperor Of Earth. Age Of Empires is one of the Order's favorite games, and 0 AD will make an excellent tribute.

I will end this post by saying greetings to all the future converts to the Order. All hail Lord Feloric!

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Will the lord's presence be requiring any tributes for his unfaltering allegiance?

No My Lord doesn't believe in monetary tributes. Money leads down the path to evil. All my Lord requires is loyalty and obedience. Although technically you owe my Lord neither because he has not yet been crowned Emperor Of Earth.

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Whatever you do, never get into a land war in Asia. And never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

I learned this playing Medieval Total War II. I had like, 27 regions, was dominating the map, and then I went to finish off the Sicilians. They had attacked my city Bologna in Italy three times, taking it once. I quickly retook it with forces I had used to seize Venice, but I was seriously annoyed that my Italian regions would never be safe sharing it with them. Bad mistake not bringing a larger army with me.

I took Naples easily, then headed towards Sicily, but before I got there I was confronted with a small force, which I beat, but Naples was taken back by a smaller force I had bypassed on my way into the Naples territory. I then crossed into Sicily and attacked the main city there, which beat the tar outta my forces. Luckily, though, I captured it (by time victory win with my leftover crossbowmen) while the three horsemen left with my general led a whole squadron of Norman foot (dismounted knights) away from the fortress center.

Now, I am sending an Army via ship to retake Naples after a significant rebuild of my forces.


Sicilians are really freaking tough, especially for only having two regions. At least I have a launching point for an invasion of Moorish Africa now. Sheesh.

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