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  1. Sweet! downloading now can't wait to try it out. Looks like you've made a lot of progress since i last checked.
  2. Here is another free to play while you wait (all thought you can use real money to buy stuff) It's a multiplayer RTT in beta World Of Battles
  3. nice picture. will naval war be something like in rise and fall?
  4. Interesting idea sounds cool that would make for interesting gameplay
  5. lol i just watched the first episode pretty funny thx
  6. That's Scary sure hope i never start smoking, but one never can tell what the future holds.
  7. that's why releasing has been so slow anyways looking forwards too the next one
  8. I don't know if you check moddb but there's is a old preview movie on moddb you can watch also it has some pretty awesome screenshots there to. http://www.moddb.com/games/0-ad
  9. Ah that's how i found out about 0A.D. but i've stopped going on msn recently not enough people to talk to on there anymore.
  10. Cool that's good to know thx There is a sexy screeny coming. It's my wallpaper atm. that sounds interesting how'd you get it?
  11. I love that screenshot Am i assuming correctly that this screen is of what pops up when you open 0ad right now? Than how would they get anyone to "buy" it if they did'n't know anything about it. Also how would they attract people to come and join the team if no one knew about it? but i agree that knowing everything would be a bit boring.
  12. Now that I've started looking at other games on moddb i find i appreciate much more how good 0A.D. looks good job guys
  13. I agree. I did'n't notice the screen shots until you pointed them out, maybe i should check other parts of the website more
  14. hmm well for me that would depend if there all the same type of soldiers or if there where archers infantry and cav and how smart the barely trained soldiers where and if there was anything morale issues but in general if the large body of troops has a smart commander and the soldiers don't run away at first sign of fighting than i would say the large party would win. or at least who ever is smarter would win probally unless it was fairly close. Ps. even if the 10,000's men commander did'n't know to much about war if he's smart enough he should win. Unorthodox does'n't neccesarily mean bad Who ever was smarter would win!
  15. Oops hehe your right my mistake feneur.
  16. I'm just curious how often people visit the 0A.D. website. To compare how often everyone checks compared to the actual activity on the forum.
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