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  1. You know - as cool as all of these units are: My hope for the next RTS are that someone finally does it right, one age at a time, one release at a time. That multiplayer is baked in from the beginning, because multiplayer has always been the best test of an RTS and the best way to truly balance it. The first release should basically be for the Stone Age. It should just focus on basic rock/paper/scissors - club/spear/sling units - and incorporate everything that has been done to improve the genre, such as zooming way out and way in - the ability to go first person on any unit and gain an advantage, a good hunting/gathering/fishing bonus system - ability to lure large game and risk death, etc. - complex formation, reward for good micro management in battle, etc. Then every few years another age can be released with more units and features...by doing it that way, balance and stability can always be assured, and releases can happen in reasonable time periods... just a thought... I just recall some incredible games back in the day on Empire Earth when we would play death match in Stone Age only and outlaw towers and priests....I'll never forget the massive battles we had with grunts throwing rocks verses grunts with clubs...
  2. Hi all, There is a new game probably flying under your radar called, Grand Ages: Rome. It's a city builder game, but you get to build an army and attack other players in MP - no one is playing it online, but me and my friend starting playing multi-player recently and it's for sure an over looked RTS that any RTS fan should have...it's great fun - check it out!
  3. It's unfortunate that this project has come to this point...it really is shocking to hear in 2009 that we are still years away from 0AD the game... There's nothing really to add to that either...
  4. Here's a simple question - when are you going to release something that is playable? I realize you folks hate that question but - I mean, seriously, how many years has it been now?
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