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  1. Greetings Humans, it has been quite some time since I last visited this site. If Wildfire Games still plans on releasing a comprehensive editor with the game then my Lord may just take it upon himself to make his own campaign. Perhaps he will even assemble a team of cohorts to assist him.
  2. That was a poor choice of a thread title. Your trickery will be remembered by my Lord.
  3. That is unknown, perhaps the next time he visits Earth. Though he may not visit Earth again until the invasion starts.
  4. My name isn't important. I'm usually referred to as the "Ambassador" though some of you Humans have also called me "LFA." If you would like to speak to my Lord you can refer to him by name and I will pass along your messege.
  5. I'm the creator of that depiction of my Lord. It is a requirement that all members of the Order have a picture of our Lord. That is one of my personal favorites.
  6. @ Milords ambassador: 7) it's free. That's a pretty good way of getting people in! My Lord is sure people will be willing to play if they know they don't have to pay for it, but how are they going to get the word out? WildFire Games won't receive any revenue for 0 AD, so there will be no way to actively advertise. Basically what my Lord was trying to get at was he would use the Order Of The Wolf to get the word out, with a price attached of course.
  7. My Lord has a few questions: 1. How many units can be selected at once? 2. The last trailer said "2009" at the end of the video. Does this mean you are coming near the end of production? I'm sorry for this question but my Lord is most impatient. 3. What will the modding tools be like? My Lord has seen the FAQ but he would like you to describe it in detail. 4. What types of defensive structures will there be? * Can I make my own in-game cutscenes? Yes. Camera movement for in-game cinematic sequences is fully controllable in the Scenario Editor.
  8. http://www.twcenter.net/forums/picture.php...&pictureid=8241 Here is a picture of my Lord.
  9. My Lord likes to think of it as a game that takes place in the same time frame as Age Of Empires, with Age Of Empires 2: The Age Of Kings gameplay, and Age Of Empires 3 graphics. Although, there are several features that differ from Age Of Empires which my Lord is most pleased with.
  10. Yes, but the Texans were still defeated in that battle. Also, the ratio of that battle was 1:6, which is significantly better than 1:10.
  11. No My Lord doesn't believe in monetary tributes. Money leads down the path to evil. All my Lord requires is loyalty and obedience. Although technically you owe my Lord neither because he has not yet been crowned Emperor Of Earth.
  12. 1000 vs. 10000? The 10000 soldiers will win for sure. With that many soldiers my Lord (or any commander for that matter) can easily surround his enemies and strike fear into the hearts of those "strong" 1000 soldiers. But if it's a matter of picking 1000 strong soldiers or 10000 weak soldiers my Lord would still pick the 10,000 weak soldiers. In a battle against some other force the 1000 strong soldiers will be overrun too quickly. Unless by "strong" the original poster means "unstoppable super soldiers" but my Lord doubts he did.
  13. That website has quite a catalog of tutorials for many different programs. However, my Lord is disappointed at the lack of search options.
  14. If the modding tools are anything like the modding tools in the Age Of Empires games then they should be quite easy to use. My Lord has mastered the Scenario Editor in Age Of Empires 2: The Age Of Kings/The Conquerors and he has passed those skills to all the members of the Order.
  15. This naval combat pleases my Lord. The naval combat in Age Of Empires 2 was quite poor by my Lord's standards.
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