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  1. Once you guys have a locked and final video , let me know and I can cut some sound / voice and mix professionally as need be.
  2. Agreed Canada has the best looking woman!! (even if we "steal" them from other countries, they end up here. hehe) Update from my world: We just finished post audio work on this movie http://www.2frogs.ca which premieres in theaters in Canada this Friday!
  3. I would like to add that many sounds (which worked in previous releases) are currently "broken" due to a recent implementation that will grant us more control over when the sounds are triggered during an animation (Thanks for this Philip!!) In the long run this will make sound much more accurate and exciting. I would not expect true immersive sound during the alpha phases though, while we have already committed hundreds of original sounds for 0 A.D. we are saving true dynamic and immersive sound for later more polished releases :-) As Philip stated expect more basic sounds in the next release. 0 A.D. will be graced with a deep and original sound track / sound scape that will allow for full immersion during gameplay ;-) Thanks! EDIT / P.S. Very basic ambient sounds should be functioning in this release (if you mute the music it may be easier to notice them)
  4. Hi agewaraoe and thanks for your interest/appreciation of game sound!! What do you mean by 3d sounds? Generally 3d sound is talking about proper mixing techniques to simulate "3D" sound with two speakers (generally headphones as true 3D sound is not very reproducible on speakers) see 3D SOUND. We are currently using OpenAL as our sound engine which should take note of where sounds are emitting from in the physical game world and then will "mix" them accordingly to sound like they were coming from that source using techniques like level, equalization and reverb. Currently only a couple of these things are implemented. If you have a surround sound system hooked up to your computer then OpenAL should make proper use of your extra speakers giving the user TRUE 3d sound and positioning various elements around the gamer based on their actual position in game. Is this what you are talking about? Please keep in mind the game is in "pre-alpha" state and is missing a lot of these features at this point in time. But technically audio will be the only thing "3d" about the game :-)
  5. Yes it is my problem / fault :-) Philip, am I safe to commit my sound changes (was holding off as requested due to the second alpha release) ?
  6. Kudos to this community! You guys rock! Where am I? Getting married next april so thats exciting! As some may know I am the owner/operator of a small post production facility. We are currently working on two feature films a television series and two international television commercials. Things are pretty busy here. I also decided in my free (non 0AD) time I will be doing some freshwater fishing!!! In the long run I see, no more landlords/owning a house, and a few kids who I will train to work with me as audio engineers lol!
  7. We will be upgrading the studio to OSX 10.6 very soon.
  8. Wow these are great games to offer OS!!! Exciting time for indie gaming for sure!
  9. Right on. Some of the best low budget scores I have heard are performed by local musicians!
  10. Exciting stuff indeed!!! Don't forget to hire sound people before you shoot the film!!! A good post audio team can do a lot more if working from a script first!!
  11. Been testing / playing 0AD @ 1360 by 768 windowed mode lately. Pretty sexy
  12. I also bought a copy of the Humble Bundle and appreciated the statistics shown on the site. I am very excited about the future of Mac gaming especially with Steam coming to OSX. I even get functionality on OSX for most of the games I bought on windows long ago!
  13. Thanks for sharing a little more about yourself Andreas! Its great to see such enthusiasm from new members!!!
  14. Please take a moment to welcome Goblor our newest sound designer! Goblor is "gung-ho" and has already completed several great sounding "arrow impact on metal" sounds! Welcome to the team!!!! In case you missed it please check out your task forum here!
  15. Congrats everybody from WFG and past contributers! This is a major step towards our goal! Yeeehaw!
  16. Hello all, please give Mr. Tyler a warm welcome as he will be creating some new pieces of music for 0AD!' His application can be found here Tyler incase you may have missed it, your task forum can be found here Glad to have you aboard!!!
  17. Dear remaxim, I am unable to send this to you in a PM the recipient has their personal messenger disabled or their personal messenger inbox is full. We would like to discuss your potential contribution to 0 A.D. further with you. Could we set up a time to meet on MSN? Feel free to jump on and say hello. I am there 9-5 weekdays generally and still online over weekends. Once again my MSN is fojosian@hotmail.com I look forward to speaking with you. -Matt Sherman
  18. remaxim, Thanks. I am listening now. Some of this sounds very "MIDI" in timber. Do you have access to any sample based orchestral synthesizers such as East West Symphonic or something of the like? I would also like to speak with you on MSN. I am on at the moment : fojosian@hotmail.com
  19. Thanks remaxim for your tactful response. I will spare you the comments on your post for the moment :-) I look forward to hearing your piece when it is finished. Hang tight and someone from the music department will get back to you after listening.
  20. Thanks for the info. On a project like this one must understand the fact that we are graciously donating our free time to 0 A.D. The fact that you have not been contacted further does not imply rudeness or any lack of interest. Perhaps the music department is backed up? Personally, if it was my choice (It is not, music and sound are two different departments) I would avoid people with a negative attitude. When hiring employees or interns for my business, I will avoid rude and impatient attitudes like the one you displayed in your post. Regardless, based on the time frame of this thread. I wouldn't worry about it. Sincerely,
  21. Leopard OSX baby. Will jump to snow leopard once its Pro tools approved.
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