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  1. An idea on walls: walls may be very strong, fast and cheap to build so that they would be built in most games by players. Only, they would need manteinance since they would automatically lose HPs until they would be repaired. Walls may be repaired automatically by workers assigned to that work. An attacking army would find weak points of walls and exploit them. Also, undefended walls (without near defensive units ) would be climbed by enemy units ^^
  2. It would be interesting the chance of allowing to build custom AIs that the game engine would be able to detect and to include allowing the choice of selecting a determinate AI for the game. In my opinion the best system would be with external files. I don't know what would mean forthe developers allowing such a option... if few rows of code or many hard and long changes
  3. Thanks for the answers I was also thinking about another suggestion. Since military non-siege units destroy buildings very slowly, so pheraps there may be another status for buildings: "burned building". This mean that non siege military units may burn a building quite fast, anyway faster then the time necessary to destroy it, and the building would be still on the map but unable to be active. For ex, burned houses no longer support population and no longer allow to train female citizen, burned barrax no longer allow to train military unit. A burned building would return active when it would be repaired by workers for a given percentage (50% for example) from the "burned status"
  4. Playing 0ad for the first times i have noticed a couple of things on military unit behaviour. If i can, i may suggest: - when a military unit automatically chooses a target, enemy units would be preferred on enemy buildings, and - when a military unit has automatically choosen a building as a target, and an enemy unit passes near the mil unit, it would switch target from the building to the unit, and - when a military units has automatically choosen a non-fighting civilian target (female) and it is attacked by another enemy, it would switch target from the civilian to the enemy
  5. The OS error is something similar to: "Attempt of access to an unvalid address" Well, it is because i live in Italy... Thanks; now i start trying to do something with drivers of my graphics card
  6. Some prerequisites to run the game (like directx version or so)? It crashes also to me when i launch it after installing. " Function call failed: return value was -100102 (Case 2) Location: wdll_ver.cpp:57 (ReadVersionString) Call stack: 0042333F 00425F48 00431F64 errno = 0 (?) OS error = Tentativo di accedere ad un indirizzo non valido. " " Performance warning: your graphics card does not support compressed textures. The game will try to continue anyway, but may be slower than expected. Please try updating your graphics drivers; if that doesn't help, please try upgrading your hardware. Location: ogl_tex.cpp:697 (detect_gl_upload_caps) Call stack: 0042333F 00425F48 00431F64 errno = 0 (?) OS error = Tentativo di accedere ad un indirizzo non valido. "
  7. You are right. I have not read the thread carefully enought
  8. d a m n is not an insult but the conditions of bad souls after dying Ok jokes apart, i am strongly a favor of a pure classical old-dear RTS please no strange things like homelands (aoeIII), incredible heros (raf) and such
  9. Uh... i had to know it before... now i am already in the OrderOfTheDucks
  10. I like the idea ^^ it remembers to all community that the developing process is running
  11. The AOK micromanagement system is almost the only thing makes it similar to a shot-em-up game. The "s" of RTS is that "strategy" that would be more or less the opposite of "take 2 knights and throw them against that single archer", and making many similar action much faster then your opponent. RON was wonderful in that, but i think 3-in-one units aren't the best of RON. At least, ally-neutral-enemy territories may be something good, or capturing the cities instead of destroying them. I agree that that "rock/paper/scissor" method was the worst thing in RON
  12. Y, a booming that means "seemcity" for 40 minutes befoe fighting is something boring. Instead of that, it would be very funny pushing economy taking one or two eyes to strategical points such as resourche sites or strategical point to place fortress etc. So a "pure boomer" after 40 minutes would give the first strategical look to the map and would say "doh, near those resourches there are enemy troops" "doh, w that enemy castle my troops must walk for 10 miles to go from here to there... and so on. A thing i think is not funni in other games is the capability to build a fortress or another dangerous military building deep inside enemy territory. For example Rise Of Nations solved very well this problem allowing buildings only in main territory
  13. It remains a 0,02 then Another good thing is the idea of the citizen-soldiers. If i have understood well, so it will be no longer possible to annoy your enemy's weak villagers (or citizens) w 1 spear 2 skirms... villagers would become hoplites or so and refuse any attempt of those ridiculous attacks that is more similar to real-ancient-life and less similar to a pacman-legacy game
  14. A walking wall of hoplites singing the "peana" before launching themselves to the assault when just in a shot of arrow range and fighting with the firm step, covered by mobile peltasts at sides. Will it be possible? I hope tactic will give a lot of fun and also some sort of historical accuracy with unit characteristics ( no dubt about that )
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