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  1. Strange, I tried it with an other similar and more modern computer and it also crashes. The only differences I know: Box A: Celeron D English Windows XP 3 SP3 GeForce FX5200 DDR1 RAM Box B: Conroe L German Windows XP 3 SP3 HD 3650 DDR2 RAM Motherboards, Hard Disks and other minor differences also exist. But I guess this shouldn't have an effect. I compiled the game and created the installer on Box A. I will set up an environment to compile the game on Box B and see, how it works on Box A.
  2. Hi, I created an installer to help people, who don't want to compile 0 A.D. on their own. Besides this it's also good for saving space and you can be sure you get a working version, when you just want to try 0 A.D. The game is not finished, but maybe it's easier to help for people, if they can actually try it. For example someone can work on documentation, even if things change later. It's also easier to describe suggestions or you can make screen shots to show something. By using the installer you will get a pretty recent version of the game. I built it with MSVC 2008 Express edition using un
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