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  1. Finally an update of the biome!!! forgive the small progress thankfully I still got a week and a half Also a little sneak peak on some progress on a fort in the middle of "no mans land" I was thinking maybe the players could capture it and use it to make a forward base. So they'll have to rush to get it if you know what I mean. Still working on beautifying the entire land so forgive the little detail on the biome around the fort. Oh I have a request for Atlas as well if this ever gets done. A forest brush. So all you got to do to make a group of trees is click! Hope you guys enjoy. More to come tomorrow.
  2. Good news guys. Tomorrow night (after exams) and for two weeks after I will have all the time in the world to work on this map. And maybe one of my own. In the meantime I want to say thank you all for being so patient with me I know it's hard.
  3. Hey guys. Would it be ok if I got a um deadline? If you could send that to me in either PM or here that'd be cool. I just need to know how much time I have and how to schedule map making time with getting college applications and stuff of that sort done. Don't worry I have been working on the maps though. Just having a hard time doing a lot.
  4. Ok man Coolio. I'll work on the temperate biome.
  5. Hmm ok, how about keeping the Gaia buildings though?
  6. Hmm there seems to be an area that troops can go through to reach the gorge. But I guess since Mythos made the Gorge layout I'll ask him. What do you think Mythos? Oh and I'll experiment with the temperate biome
  7. Yay more updates!!! Please give some input and criticism. The little village in the Gorge was meant to be only eyecandy. However I would like to keep it there for the feel of the map. Perhaps make it a little treasure trove for whoever captures it or destroys it or occupies it? It would force players to get into the middle of the map and help minimize turtling. How is that idea?
  8. Sorry that it's been twelve days. Schools been hectic and we are still in playoffs. (We got to march in cowboy stadium) luckily I should have time this weekend. In the mean time I would like some input please. Any ideas on what terrain to put on the water? What trees? What would give it that Gorge feel?
  9. Sorry for my major delay. I had 6wks tests to do at school. However I'd like to assure you guys that there will be an update in pics within the next two days
  10. woah this is more work then I thought lol. So wish me to use Mediterranean trees near the beginning of the gorge water towards the south-west?
  11. Hmmm interesting . How is what I am doing now though?
  12. Ok I got a draft up on one corner of the gorge and added units for eye candy. Still not as good as Mythos with the units in battle pics still I hope to hear some good ideas and criticism.
  13. great pics and idea i'll be sure to use them
  14. It's a perfect start, thank you for the head start. I shall do my best to get it like that picture (and still have good playability) I shall look up more pictures of that environment as well
  15. Oh I know that. But being optimistic and supporting 0ad through donations and support, I would believe that this is very possible. Though it probably won't be for quite a while (a few years at the most I hope) I am sure that it will be implemented either by the users via modding, or the developers of the game.
  16. Cool thanks man. Um its in the SVN I'm guessing?
  17. I have yet to write a whole list of units and such like many others on this forum with their civilization ideas. However, I thought that it would be a cool idea to have the Saxon's as a civilization to play because... A. They took over Great Britain along with the Angle and Jute Tribes (I believe they were a branch off of the Saxon tribe.) B. They came in the time of the Romans. (Imperial Rome, Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire.) C. Fought the Celts, Britons, Picts, and from other sources I have read Romano-Britons which the Romano-Britons kinda started the legend of King Arthur. D. Came from Germany just for now I was wondering if anyone agrees that this would be a cool civilization for the next pack or maybe as part of a mod?
  18. Ok it seems that I have no idea on how to start the canyon and I keep messing up. Any ideas to make it easier on me? Or instructions on how?
  19. Ah I see ok, well this would be a good start to learn how to do canyons for me at least lol. Anyone got other ideas besides a canyon? I will work on a layout of a canyon so no worries lol
  20. Great idea I think, so no movement between canyons what so ever?
  21. ok well first order of business then lol if you could even call this business. ok so first off any ideas of the biome of the map?
  22. I guess I'm waiting for the ok first. If this idea is approved I would like to make a map of the places where the Norse came from or maybe a Britain map and pretend that the Saxon's (punny because that's my name) are invading or have an inter-tribal war? Any other ideas welcome.
  23. Hello I am NOXAS1 and me and a few others worked on the last community map. It was such and enjoyable experience that I would like to (With Wildfire games blessing of course) start a community project topic that will allow people to work together and make maps for new releases or map packs. As I said it was a lot of fun for me working with the community and I hope other people will enjoy it as much as I do.
  24. Hmmm, Would anyone who's worked on it like to claim another part of the map? maybe mythos, smst, gudo, yodaspirine, or should I? Not that I mind lol
  25. I like the change to the bog. pretty good man
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