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  1. This game will be completed and it is coming along smoothly, we have put countless hours into 0 A.D and plan on putting in many more. We will keep you posted.
  2. that is exactly what we like to hear
  3. I don't think anything modern day events will ever make people forget the existence of the Persian empire
  4. Celts for me, I also have a bit of Roman in me too. Maybe some Persian who knows.
  5. We need money, and lots of it! In burlap sacs with green dollar signs on the sides! Lol
  6. Wow that hornet video is really epic. The bee that goes spinning out of control at 3:11 is too good!
  7. Anyone who liked Diablo II should get the game Sacred Gold, its on steam for 10 dollars now. The game is amazing, a lot like Diablo III. Massive world. After 15 hours of total play i only explored like 2% of the map.
  8. Just when I thought I was out, They drag me back in
  9. Development is moving smoothly and we have a time line determined for an alpha in the near future. But when its done its done.
  10. Amazing article, exposure like this is exactly what we need
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