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Ancient Warfare" Magazine Raffle WINNERS!

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The raffle for is now officially over, we're happy it was such a hit with our small community and saw a vast turnout of many "lurkers" finally registering to our boards, we'd like to welcome them all to our little community, and now, WILDFIRE GAMES in conjunction with the editors of Ancient Warfare happily present the following forumers with a YEARLONG subscription to Ancient Warfare Magazine!

Jonathan Bennett, aka Caesar

Marcos Schroeckenthaler aka Lysimachus

Carl Cunningham, aka wayspooled

Maxim Bardin, aka MAXDARK

Vit Pelcak, aka Belisarivs

Private messages have been sent to the winners notifying them with the next step they need to do in getting their subscription. Be sure to drop back and tell us what you think of it once you read it! We here at Wildfire Games are thoroughly impressed with the depth and information found in the magazine, its an analogue to the detail we strive to succeed in with 0 A.D.

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The linux beta should be around the same time the Windows and Mac versions are :) Might take a bit longer before there is a version for your favourite flavor due to the different ways some things are handled between distributions, but in general we'll try to make all available at roughly the same time.

And I guess you mean "expect" :) (Unless you are against linux of course :D )

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