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  1. yo,I havent been part of the comunity for a while but Ihad an idea that if 0ad had a profile on myspace it would get the game more atention .I know Id put it on my top freinds for at least a little while. Since their are alot of smart dudes and chics on the 0ad staff You probably thought of this already.This makes me feel like an idiot so if it does have a profile should I just search 0ad to find it? If you havent made one give me some props and put me on your top freinds answer back to this topic for my name.
  2. I would just like to say that it is AMAZING what all of you at wild fire games are doing with 0ad.It's definately cool to see a group of guys start a video game and watch it go thrue all of it's stages.It inspires me to want to work in the video game industry.I just want to tell you that you're doing an awesome job and my jaw drops every time I see a new screen shot. speaking of screen shots I would like to see a destroyed city,not vilage, with a large battle going on inside it with water in the picture(the new good water) and hopefully some seige units!well,keep up the good work and good luck on 0ad.
  3. thats good, anything yall are particulerly proud of ai or gameplay wise to show us somehow?also is the game actualy playable yet?and what kind of play stiles will work?like rushing booming,raiding?the more the better.
  4. ok rates for custom maps! 1 thrue 10 .the best maps ever made should be able to play using the matchmaking but its not rated.yall could put your maps on their like cheesy and the others...yall finish with your ideas cus im realy tired...focker out .
  5. your post had something to do with something i have been thinking about. what if in some point of the game you are given the choice to chose between light soldiers or heavy soldiers. If you choose light armor your units will be faster and be able to attack quiker this could suport your strat very wellacording to what your aponet is using.the defect to light armor would be your armor would be low so they get killed faster and they arent as powerfullwhen they are attacking.and the exact opisite for heavy units.anyway its just an idea to ad more variety to the gameplay and some strategic depth.yall can think about this alot more than I did to make it better .also i kinda got this idea from The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivian .
  6. So far your game looks great and I hope the graphics only get better . But,im conserned about other things like ai and if the game is actualy fun.there have been many game that look good but lack in other places such as ai or gameplay that just ruins the game. I hope you spend as much time making your ai soldiers smart as you did on the graphics.Also i know your game is going to be based strictly on reality but could this hurt gameplay? is it going to be slow paced or movie style intense battles that are realy fast paced.can you explane to me exactly how this is going to be fun ? and what will destinguish it from other rts titles? have you ever considered getting your game in a magazine?
  7. Paal thats pretty darn cool and nerdy at the same time . could you share some more about it?you should make a game about it.lol.
  8. I think it's realy good that all the civs are going to be very differant.but how will they?This is what i'm asking . How do the norse play differant from the egyptions?well the norse are more of a early military civ while the egys are the boom and make a good econamy then attack civ.i know that was weird but could you do for 0ad what I just did for aom for me?
  9. true,but you could still at least tease us about all the new stuff you put in...
  10. yeah but that makes it fun.having to rush and do so much at one time.
  11. ok thats cool .now iv got a anotheranother question.how differant are the civs?how differant are there play stiles?are they as differant as the ones in aom?it would be awesome if there was 6 differant civs all as differant as in aom.is there anything new or any details you can tell me about each civ?how do they play differant?
  12. thats cool,will you be able to move them or will they have to remain stationary the whole time?will there be tech for faster rate of fire?not because it might be good against units but the rof and reload times seem very long.
  13. if you make tree swaying sounds or blowing in yhe wind it mite be convincing enaugh...but what do i know?):
  14. wo,i didnt know you were going that far for historical acuracy.darn.I thought everything was going to have the rite name,look like it did,and do what it did .But you may be going a lil too far.Dont get me wrong I like acuracybut i thoght a seige weaqpon was going to be like it was in Aom and crap.so there is times when you can and times when you cant use seige in this game?darn.that sucks.but still it could still be a tech rite?but maybe have a similer effect as burning pitch?just give more crush damage instead of peirce damage.The only problem is if the explosians sucked it would ruin it...i still think the seige weapons should be closer to balista and stuff fronm aom. except they are operated clearly by humans..thanks for actualy comenting on what i sead because i do whant to help 0ad
  15. will there be dialog in the campaighns?or just scripted like zelda or something?also i think it should be more fun then the aom campaighn because it was good but not great.anyway i would like to test the beta too.you probably dont like me though.
  16. Chinese would be cool the reason ithink people choose certain civs is they have cool units or or a big differance from the others.in aom i used to always be greek cus that was the one the campaighn started you out with. but then i switched to norse for the unique gameplay of them.they had ox carts! dont mind that qote^ my b
  17. because its easier,simpler,and you could use minerals for makin @#$% but you dont make units out of ore if you had ore you could use it for buidings onl or sumthin.but gold is money or curency. disregard that^ i dont know why it posted it here
  18. yall should take your time.you realy need to stand out from the crowd.make there jaws drop!
  19. yeah, the the randomization is cool. What else are you using it for?you saed it was going to be widly used thruout the game.also would you be able to control it in the editer?some games that could use the randomize thing is gta so u dont see the same people over and over and over ...well idont know any other ones.
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