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  1. *Yes im a lil late in posting this but who cares* Hello and welcome!!! PS: Dont mind the smell......
  2. How about more in depth into the economy of the game? resources etc. ?
  3. OOO let me kno how it is. Ive been wondering how Robin Hood is...
  4. Welcome! And dont let the dancing bananas scare you....
  5. Happy new year, and mine was 2 years ago!
  6. a starcraft mod would be nice, but with Starcraft 2 inproduction... nothing could compare i htink =/
  7. O_O O_O O_OO_O O_O O_OO_O O_O O_OO_O O_O O_OO_O O_O O_OO_O O_O O_OO_O O_O O_OO_O O_O O_OO_O O_O O_OO_O O_O O_OO_O O_O O_O YAY!!!!!! ill order mine 2morrow... hopefully xD
  8. That looks... GREAT!!! and french movies dont bother me.. We watched a few in French 3 with english subs... mainly funny movies, but still good. Ill have to look into it... And i cant believe i forget to add Gladiator to my honarable mention list!!! >_< DOH
  9. 1. Kingdom of Heaven 2. Alexander 3. Troy 4. Lord of the Rings (all 3) 5. Star Wars (Its kinda sci-fi to i kno.) *Honorable Mention* Matrix Equilibrium Letters from Iwo Jima (SP?) King Arthur
  10. devious... me? no.... how could u say that?
  11. :)coolio. Im not like mad, and thing they shouldnt be allowed. Just thought we needed something to discus...... xD
  12. I didnt dress up. I went with a bunch of friends and played volleyball for like 5 hours. xD
  13. Has anyone noticed all the new members suddenly, with the rafle going on? I mean suddenly i see a good amount of people with 1 post, the one in the raffle sign up topic. What do yall think about it? I honesly dont think its fair to those of us that have been here a while(not really me per say, but for those of u long term members.) Some of them have just gone inactive, and i dont have anything against them. Its the ones that joined, Yesterday, and the day b4. THose are the ones i have a problem with. What are your thoughts?
  14. I never really played AOM except for the demos. I do own all the other AOEs xD even AOE3. ANd i love AOE3. I like the gameplay and the gfx. But hey, to each his own. As far as bloom and HDR. I like bloom, and turn it on in almost all my games. I like it, but thats me. As far as rag doll feature, it would be nice, but i understand if u cant get it. BUt i would like to be playing the game before 2015 xD
  15. ya sure. ill have it done today when i get home from school.
  16. ok if u think about it... in age of series if there are 8 players at 200 pop each thats a total of 1600 units... sooo not too bad... just a lil bit of info!
  17. ont hing i forgot to ask. Will there be a pop limit? i hope its not too low... Like in all the age of games its 200... But in Supremem Commander its up to 1000 for all players combined. Which means on a 1vs1 each player can hvae 500 population, or one person has 750 and the other only 250 depending on whos faster. i think this would be great. And supreme commander rquires more computing power than i think 0ad will.
  18. haha i love the first one!!!!! and the last one! they are both great if u ask me!
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