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  1. Hello, Here is a question that may be interesting to discuss. What will population do in comparison to training times? -Will a player that has a population of lets say 100, train its villagers/warriors and other units faster? Reasoning: The more people in a small area the more people getting busy. Comments?
  2. whats he up to now a days? He still mapping?
  3. Do you have like cirrows aim or something?
  4. Hell yes i know who Mythos_Ruler is. I put him on my list of sweet map makers i admire. Right next to that one guy who i dont' remember his name any more like Xano or something. Lol. Mythos Xano(or whatever) Cirrow (idk i thought his maps were good, we were good buddies) FC_Nidhogg Riemfire Thats all i can remember for now...
  5. Another guy named Micheal/Michel on the same forums... Would it be faster if i went and did a formal application?
  6. Well what do you guys want to see? I am currently working on a map it might be done in a week. I can't do a ton of work on it tonight because i have a 9 page paper to write. So here is my link to some of my maps. http://aom.heavengames.com/downloads/showf...90&f=&st=10&ci= This was when i attempted to leave AOM. No didn't happen- Make making is like crack to me.
  7. See I am good at Eye Candy, but its the trigger logic in my maps that makes my maps.
  8. Alex, I am from AOM Heaven. On AOM I made Desert Fox's Helms deep, and Final fantasy X. Those are my too big ones. I also made some CTFs and I am currently working on another siege oriented map. It should be alot of fun!
  9. Feneur: Do you have AOM:TT? If you do I would be willing to show you some of my mapping abilities. Joe: Nice to meet you! Hope to see all you around the forum.
  10. So you think i should apply to be a map maker?
  11. Hello, My name is Michel. Some of you might know me as Desert fox or Chimp With a Gun From AOM. So Hi every one! Hi PPE
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