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Ancient Warfare" Magazine Raffle WINNERS!

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Not sure what issue you'll get, but the december/january issue has been shipped (some time ago I might guess, but I got mine some days ago).

Regarding how long time it'll take until it gets to you I found some info on this page: http://www.ancient-warfare.com/cms/index.p...id=30&Itemid=75

Delivery times

- Once Ancient Warfare is published, it goes immediately to the distributor for packaging and labelling. It is sent out right after. The following table shows approximate delivery times from the day of publication until arrival in your mailbox:

- The Netherlands: 2-3 days

- Continental Europe: 10-12 days

- United Kingdom: 11-13 days

- North America: 12-15 days

- Rest of World: 15-20 days

I could have just posted the link, but I decided that I should be nice when the year is coming to an end =) I can still recommend a visit to their site though, there's a lot of info on old and upcoming issues etc.

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What issue is it that you haven't got? The Dec/Jan or the February/March? I haven't got the Feb/Mar issue yet either and I'm living in Sweden.

I just went to the Ancient Warfare site and checked and found this: http://www.ancient-warfare.com/cms/index.p....html&Itemid=98 so if it's indeed the 1-2008 issue you're talking about it shouldn't be too far away. If you didn't get the last issue though, then I'd suggest that you contact Ancient Warfare directly.

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As I wasn't the one in contact with Ancient Warfare I don't know if you should get some account details, so we'll have to wait for Michael for that.

The missed 'D' could of course be a cause of trouble, wouldn't think so though as you were supposed to send your shipping details to Michael/Bobby, so I guess it's somewhere there that the trouble is rather than here. (The only way I can see (=could be some other way, but I don't see how) that missed 'D' being of any importance would be in case someone would have seen that it only was one 'D' there and then registered as MAXDARK, but as there is no such user and since Michael/Bobby should have realized that something was wrong if they got information from two people that can't really be the problem.)

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