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  1. c'est-a-dire... very french expression or hmmm... I'm not sure if these have all been said, but... a vrai dire (to tell the truth- the "expression", not the verb) de cette facon (in this manner) sinon (otherwise) d'ailleurs (besides) en effet (indeed) en tout cas (in any case) or, a personal favorite: vraisemblablement (likely)
  2. I know that's not the exact definition, but they do seem strongly linked in how I've heard the word used. And, all fairy tales (real fairy tales... not Shrek) have some sort of moral as well.
  3. I thought he meant "story" by fable, because fable really seems to connotate a fairy tale in English.
  4. Well, how about Les Miserables? Not quite modern, but definately has prisons and definately has France!
  5. I wouldn't give money to a homeless person directly because who knows what they're gonna use it for. Instead I give to charities which (I trust) will put the money to the best use (or whatever use they say). Anyone ever been to India?
  6. Ouch... MIT. Also happens to be my number one choice for college. Hopefully I can get in, but it's gonna be a long hard road trying to pay it all off (and I'm not even eligible for a whole bunch of aid!). If I don't make it however, there's always U of Illinois, which is darn good for engineering (mechanical engineering is what I want to major in) and since it's in state, .
  7. Curu is right, even as a big Star Wars fan, the Spiderman and maybe the Harry Potter are carrying it too far. I was notorious with my friends for never building with instructions, that was always the best way, IMO.
  8. I love legos. In fact, maybe I'll take a digital camera picture of the model of a British man-of-war that I made that's in my room.
  9. Hey Draugaer. It's been a while since I've taken a look at your mod, but it was looking really good. How is it going nowdays?
  10. This is the most ridiculous thread I've seen here to date. Our temperatures here range from 30 to 100 throughout the year. Which reminds me. I've done quite a bit of camping during all seasons and the question has come up: Is it better to have it baking hot or freezing cold? Let me tell you, the answer (when you're camping) is freezing cold. There's quite a few ways to make you warmer, but surprisingly few ways to escape the heat on a hot day with no AC!
  11. Did someone change the color of the names of the Mods for each forum room to a more orangish color?
  12. Yes, there is such a thing as a hermaphrodite when one baby (for instance, a female) gets an overdose of testorone while still in the womb and starts growing... male parts. Then at birth it must be "decided" what sex the baby will be. This is virtually unheard of though...
  13. If it's in front of a class for an assignment, go up as soon as the other person finishes and stay in front for a couple minutes just sort of taking in the atmosphere and focusing on relaxing before you have to start speaking. That way, when you get up there, it's not like you're all of a sudden in front of all those people. That's what I do usually, but I don't have trouble speaking or playing in front of people since I've been doing it for so long. (which is nice )
  14. I think George Washington is the real American hero.
  15. Hey someone named Eric Kennedy finished 99! Close... I'm Erik Kennedy! We just had a bit meet with 3 (I think) of the top 15 schools in Illinois. Last years state champion was there. I think he was just about right at 15:00. It was an amazing race.
  16. No, you're probably conjugating them more than ever now! Oh I despised relative pronouns... I'm going to definately have to relearn them.
  17. Well, meet today. 17:36 for 3 miles is my new personal best
  18. "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" applies to a lot more than just looks. It's a saying here too, and it's very true.
  19. "Sic Sempre Tyrannus" Ha, I knew it would be in there. John Wilkes Boothe shouted this after assasinating President Lincoln then making some mad jump, breaking his leg, and getting away. It means "THus is the fate of tyrants".
  20. What does "rigolo" mean? And one more thing... how on earth do you say "definately"? Make it two more things... is there a similair expression to "belive it or not"? We have a rather elementary paper due soon, about any city we choose. I will post it here first to make sure it is approved by the francophones, then I will almost be assured a good grammar grade .
  21. The Q letter is pronounced "ku"? I thought it was more or less as in English, only, well, with a French sort of accent to it.
  22. How true! Don't we all?! When I am president that's gonna be my platform . EDIT: Actually, do you know the context that was in? Because if it was used in proper context, it may not have been that funny... Like "We stand for things. And these things will not... bla bla bla"
  23. Cool pictures! Do you guys have two meets a week?
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