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  1. You like military history and LotR!?! Couldn't be more perfect for the things at WFG! You know about 0AD, but "The Last Alliance" is a LotR Real Time Strategy much like 0AD, and "Insurrection" is a mod that deals with GI Joe. Get involved in the forums! Welcome ;) BTW Gladiator's an AWESOME movie!
  2. Hey if you have any jokes, funny stories, or anything humorous, post it here! Our forums need a good place for laughs. To start us off... I found once a list of 144 ways to be annoying, many of them humorous. Here are some excerpts! -Recite the first 100 digits of pi. In binary. Out loud. In public. -Invent your own computer lingo and see if people play along for the sake of not looking ignorant. (Use "CD-RAM", "Calibration Factor", or "Zapping" things. Also make up files like "MEM.EXE" or "EXEC.SYS". -Leave the following on someone's voice mail: "Sir, we're not sure if you wanted us to do it, you know, after what happened. But, we went ahead and did it anyway because we knew how important it was to you. If you don't agree with how we did it, we can probably fix it, although it might cost you extra. We knew this was urgent to you, so call us back immediately, thanks bye." -Call a house at random and remember the phone number. Ask for Gary. When they tell you that there's no Gary there, call a little while later (from a half-hour later to a day later). Do this at intervals about four times. Finally when they're mad and confused, call and say, "this is Gary, are there any messages for me?" -Put signs in people's yards that say "For Sale by owner: Will take first offer" -Whenever someone else is reading a book and they put it down, move the bookmark ahead 3 pages. Alright, that's enough for now. Enjoy, and share! ;)
  3. Well, if the pop limit is 150, that wouldn't be a great idea. If it was 150,000- go for it!
  4. Invest in the stock market, buy another nice Guitar, save for college.
  5. Ah Op noir, est-ce que vous vous etes amuse en France? Dangit I can't use accents, err, I don't know how to. Hope you had Fun
  6. Hmmm... Isn't this before the Peloponnesian Wars? I guess I kinda skimmed through the intro.
  7. Just a note: I thought the Delian League contained both Athens and Sparta, and was Greece's unification when Alexander the Great tried to conquer them, but maybe I'm wrong. People of Hellas: you know of the situation at hand. Athens and Sparta gather their allies for the upcoming war. Emissaries from both have been sent to my court. They remain here still because I have not given them answer to whose side our city will fight with. You know that our long history has remained with Sparta. They have been our friend for many ages. But also you know our ties with Athens. Their new form of government lets the people rule the people. A future with them would look very promising. But if we are to take a side, we must deny our longtime friend and ally, Sparta. In order to be decided who our city will side with, I have ordered that every man and woman of age in the city cast ballot. I will let the people decide whom our future lies with. If you want to side with a new future, Athens is there. If you want to side with our powerful longtime friends, Sparta is there. You the people should decide what we should do. OK tried to keep it short, which it isn't, but oh well ! Also I'd expect that some people would prefer not to take sides, as taking the winning side would mean riches, but the losing side would mean death. If I wasn't so nice, I'd pick Sparta on the basis of them having a much larger and well trained army.
  8. Hm, I didn't have school today because of Veterans day, and I still didn't do everything I wanted to. Oh well...
  9. I'd play Age of Conquerors, but IDK what else. Sounds like a good idea though!
  10. IDK man, it would be a long boat ride. After all the island is 100000 miles from shore in all directions!
  11. Oh theres a river in a 200 square meter island in the middle of the ocean? (I don't know any lakes 100,000 miles wide) And how is the stream fresh water? But whatever, I'd pick the house and everything else.
  12. Haha, that's hilarious. To die. In the rain. What? I missed one? good times.
  13. I just played WC3 for the first time today at a friends and that was fun. If this is like WC3 it won't be half bad. I was originally dissapointed, and I still am to a degree, but that's more towards the RTS aspect of it. BTW, BfME looks much more promising.
  14. Holy crap... there's two of you??? I always thought he was younger... idk why. BTW, the Fingon/Maedros scenario in TLA will be fun.
  15. Heh, I'm a runner (and a good one, if I may say so myself) so I've got some incentive not to smoke!
  16. That ship scene reminds me of "The Longest Day". "There's the 10,000 ships they don't have" with Beethoven's Symphony kicking in. Classic. BTW, the movie looks awesome.
  17. Uh actually, I think it is Gandalf... and if he's gonna shoot fireballs at people the whole time like he's in FF, that's gonna be really annoying. I can't stand that kind of magic. But then again, in the book he used magic on top weathertop when Frodo saw him, and didn't he light up his staff a bunch? Then again (again), everyone gets knocked over when he does that.
  18. Well, I thought I added a reply to this, but I guess it isn't showing up. First of all, it looks really good and the most promising out of all the 3 ME mods at AOK Heaven. But, isn't the Thangorodrim so big that people will be able to walk "through" parts of it?
  19. Wait actually, that's not it... but close.. The poster in my school says: "Communism: You have two cows, the Gov't takes them, and shoots you". err... that was Stalinism. Communism was youre neighbors milk your cows or something. But it's funny.
  20. THAT IS THE GREATEST POSTER ON EARTH! I've seen that in a couple classrooms in my school! (just thought I'd say that)
  21. IDK I think it would be pretty cool to have my works turned into popcorn tubs. I'm a pretty big fan of crap like that... jk
  22. 129... That's alright, there wasn't a whole lot in there. It was pretty similar to the standardized testing we take in school. I score very well on those.
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