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  1. Clodhopper, how old are you? I seem to recall that you were a few years younger than me, and I just started college as well. What college are you attending? And are you going there full time?
  2. You're a good man. Way to help the cause! and nice resources-- the anon telephone forwarding is what I need the most.
  3. Well, I just ended my second scam bait today. It went fairly well, except I would've been more convincing had I given the person a phone number. Instead, I stalled on both sending him money and giving him a phone number, and maybe payed the price... +forged boarding pass and flight to Nigeria +maintained that I fled the United States on account of lawsuit threats from Greenpeace +got scammer to wait for me in an airport holding a sign that read "B4LLS" +signed all my letters "homie," developed my fake identity and pretentious vocabulary -almost, but didn't quite get reservations at Le Meridien, the most expensive hotel in Lagos, Nigeria... they would've cost over a grand US anyhow -ended in about two weeks and the man hates me now Take a look at all the pictures, browse our correspondence, and check out the nasty burn e-mail I sent him at the end. Altogether a hilarious hobby. EDIT: Well crap the word doc won't attach for some reason... Let me try something else EDIT: PM me for the correspondence. I promise it'll be worth it. Well, here's my final e-mail to him for now: scambaiting.doc
  4. And of course, powers of ten! http://micro.magnet.fsu.edu/primer/java/sc...csu/powersof10/
  5. Je ne comprends pas le Francais... I do not understand French. or Je ne parle pas Francais... I do not speak French. or Oh mais oui mon petit chou!... Oh but yes, my little cabbage!
  6. Haha that's pretty funny "if you have an enemy that's killin' themselves, they're already gettin' half the job done. We just need to sit back and let 'em rip" "eggs in one biscuit"
  7. I've attached our entire correspondance. "She" has not gotten back to me, and only sent form mailings. Perhaps she realized I was completely making crap up? Mmm perhaps, but I wouldn't give it to "her" that easily. Scam_Baiting_with_Faith_Johnson.doc
  8. Bobby you have inspired me. Observe the seeds I have planted for what is sure to be a great friendship: Her: Me:
  9. 1.) A handful of billion dollars 2.) The best education 3.) A great family
  10. How about the Nigerian Royalty scams? Those are going around all over the place. I read an account of someone who maintained a long contact with this guy, but most people who end up giving away their info never hear back again. Figures... I wonder if anyone in Nigeria gets them...
  11. Well I'll be darned! I've wanted to learn Latin since I was a sophomore in high school, and actually started until I got to all these diclensions or w/e they're called and realized this is way too much without a guide or a class. I'll make a serious attempt to learn some! Starting right now!
  12. That site has some cool looking pictures!
  13. What a loser I am! I only know 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510. Ah, I could get another 50 down on of these days and get to 100 digits.
  14. Do you realize how stupid and potentially dangerous that goal is?
  15. Well, medium term is to go to college, which, fortunately, I should be deciding within the next three weeks or so exactly where I will be going to college. Short term is to finish a few creative writing and composing projects I've been doing by the end of the year. This summer I hope to get a job too. And if I could keep my grades up this semester, hey, that never hurts either. High school graduation is only a few months away! And for long term, well, I have no idea. In a sense I suppose it's best I don't make too many plans for what I want to do with my future so soon, because I'd feel limited by them. But I do know that I want to eventually have a family and work in (probably) business or engineering technologies. We'll see how it all works out that
  16. Aston Martin in the news: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060118/film_nm/leisure_bond_dc
  17. Awesome... I thought you were retired b/c your sig had it... but just retired from WFG I'm guessing? That was silly of me. Good luck with the marathon! That's awesome, I want to do one sometime. Maybe I'll be training at the end of the year when some cross country friends and I graduate from HS and the Chicago marathon comes around. Certainly would be exciting!
  18. Hm, well I am 17, so that has quite a bit to do with it I bet. Also, I really couldn't advise you on how to train, especially since my body really leans towards the mid distance races, and yours towards ld. Oh, and I'm not a coach . I can't imagine going faster than 6:20 or 6:25 per mile for 10k, and your thursdays sound like a beast. Does "inc" mean incline? If you're retired and running 8 mile tempos like that, you have no right to say I'm any better than you! Oh, and to answer your question, 7:30 for 6-7 isn't really any problem while in season, 7:00 is usually less talking (I run with my team), but towards the end of the season, we can talk the whole way through a 7 miler at 7:00. It's funny since below 7:00, the amount of talking drops off sharply, and at 6:30 pace, we're all pretty much silent... at least after the first mile, then we realize we should stop talking bc it's so hard!
  19. In season for track or XC, it goes like: Monday: long distance, 6-7 miles at 7:00-7:30 mile pace Tuesday: up tempo run, 3-5 miles at 6:20-6:40 pace. a 40 minute or so lifting routine Wednesday: track workout, typically something like 400m repeats at 82 seconds or so, anywhere from 12 to 25 times. Thursday: see tuesday, or a meet, which for XC is 3 miles, just over 17:00, or for track could be a 800m (2:05), or a 1600m (4:45) Friday: see monday Saturday: another meet in season, some easier practice out of season Sunday: the day of rest! Huzzah! Intense workout schedule = less stress, look good, can eat a lot mmmm
  20. That's "people say" I love to read that poem. It sounds so cool once you start getting good at it.
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