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  1. That would probaly be more expensive than a subscriton cause i would have to pay for each one to be shipped from japan. But thanks for the idea.
  2. I want to subscribe to famitsu...but its a japanese magazine yah i cant read japanese but eh who cares still want a copy i googled yes and i cant really find a place to order it off the net, so does anyone here know where to get it.
  3. Probaly fox they will put on anything, remember the mullets?
  4. Netflix better hope that all 3 of the people who own blueray players or hd dvd players subscribe to netflix.
  5. Wow, in canada there arent just 2 parties that are vying for power. That must be really confusing, even two partys (well 3 but the third will never win) its hard to keep track of all the lies.
  6. Hi im hot dog of doom, and andrew/pyrolink told me about 0 ad, and i wanted to see what it was about and stuff.
  7. I want and heard they were really good those bose 500 doller headphones, i hate those ones that go in my ear its so annoying.
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