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  1. Dude, it's far less than the ten percent they claim that can read that poem straight through... I'd bet less than one percent. I couldn't read seven of those words and if an ACT English score is any indicator, I'm near the top. Those are some hard words! But good find
  2. That's 300 trillion, buddy. And no, no one would pay that much. No person on earth owns 300 trillions dollars.
  3. To clarify, Jason's quote about the Kavkaz center refers to the first google result for "US bombing anarctica". The Kazkav center appears to be a news source, motto: "news facts analysis", that gives, I think, mostly editorials. The news often presents very gruesome pictures of dead children and bodies in Iraq at the top of the page, and seems to consistantly present only one side of the viewpoint. Anyhow, nice "news facts analysis".
  4. One more trend I've never bought into. So many people wanna come off as emo, sluts, or both. You'd think a journal would be where you can express some of your individuality, but very few of those actually do. Instead, I get the feeling that most express lack of individuality. It's a shame.
  5. Geez, I didn't find either of those funny. I wonder what's wrong with me. Vit, I sure hope they don't think that is a representative sample of the American population where you're from. But if you find that fearsome, they just might. You know, that is a just a small segment of the population, and the producer obviously thought, "I'm going to find the dumbest people possible, and have no one else on the video". If you have nothing better to do, you can find a few idiots walking the streets of a US city and get them to say country names for the camera and fail to recognize that Australia is not Iran. Please, it's not fearsome... you could find that for any country on Earth, the US far from most of which.
  6. Sick. Anyhow, I dressed up as a Pirate, and quite the pirate at that. It was really fun, but after going to school in that costume, I didn't want to keep it on to hand out candy at night. So I took it off and put normal clothes on. Anyhow, I'll try to get a picture up.
  7. I have two conflicting feelings. One part of me wants to try it, the other part of me is sick to my stomach. The latter is winning.
  8. Ah! I keep getting logged out! I have to re-enter my name and password every page. I think this is what you guys are talking about, except I don't have firefox or anything. This is so annoying! Help!
  9. That is definately pretty funny. I wonder how soon it will be before it's removed.
  10. It's pretty much over now. Stanford won, Carnegie Mellon came in second.
  11. Sweet your prayers must've rubbed off onto my history class too. I have -5 this semester and we've already had a test too
  12. For AP English we're reading the Canterbury tales. Our teacher said we would be suprised at how raunchy (idk how to spell it, but that's the word) it was, but I had no idea. It's like a medieval version of Ren and Stimpy with more sex.
  13. I'm finally getting around to reading Beowulf (through my AP English class). We start next week .
  14. Neither do any other evangelical Christians, so you're not alone. However, just about everyone else does, so that's probably why it's put in that category.
  15. Whoa Google maps just got better! Too bad it's been so long since I was in Rome... otherwise I'd trace out the streets to find my hotel!
  16. Cool, I've reached <1,876> posts. Only.... 124 more to 2000!
  17. I was serious actually... he was from like the mid to late nineteenth century right? The "American dream" guy? Anyhow, I'm now on the Aenied, Fitzgerald translation. I'm not half way done yet, but I'm really liking it. And since I've never heard it before, it's cool to read sort of an epic poem that you never knew existed. Basically the Aenied is the story of how the people of Troy, after the Trojan war, escape their land and sail around for a long time facing tribulations until they eventually settle Italy, and their descendants go on to form the Roman Empire. It was written by Virgil, a Roman, and there's a good chance he made a good part of it up, as the purpose of the piece was Roman nationalism. Anyhow, it's a great story so far.
  18. Welll.... I hope you really get to experience the culture. That would be so neat since you have always had a sort of devotion to all things Japanese. I'm happy for you.
  19. How can you expect it then? And this is a weird question. I mean, my life is me. So should it be "what do you expect out of life" or "what do you hope to do with your life"? a.) In which case, I expect life will hand me nothing, but if I keep on my toes, I might be able to grab a piece of the pie. "The harder I work, the luckier I get" sort of attitube. b.) As for what I hope to do with my life... well. I should hope to get into college and learn about the things I love. Then I should hope to meet the person I love. Anyhow, any further than that is getting a little ahead of myself.. and what's the fun of having everything planned out?
  20. There's a pic of me on my profile from about a month ago.
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