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  1. You misunderstand me (I should have phrased that better ). This is what I meant- as I understand it, when playing the Spartan minor-civ, players will have access to the normal Hoplite unit(s) as well as the Spartiate Super Unit- but unless I am mistaken, all Hoplites in Sparta were Spartiates, and all Spartiates were professional soldiers (represented in 0ad as Super Units). The Perioikoi and Helots served in the Spartan army in times of war, but were Light Infantry, not Hoplites. My point is that to be historicaly correct (say hello to the history nazi ), the Spartan civ can only have the Spartiate Super Unit, not the other Hoplite units (and that is of course unless I'm wrong).
  2. I dont mean to be a history nazi- but, if I am not mistaken, were not all Spartan Hoplites from the Elite Spartiate class? I know there were the Perioikoi and Helots, but they were Light Infantry in wartime, not heavy Hoplites (with the exception of the Peloponnesian War when the Helots acted as Heavy Infantry).
  3. So this morning I woke up and thought of an interesting forum project. How about WFG's own Micronation? For those who dont know what a micronation is : according to Wikipedia, "Micronations – sometimes also referred to as cybernations, fantasy countries, model countries, and new country projects – are entities that resemble independent nations or states, but for the most part exist only on paper, on the Internet, or in the minds of their creators." The most notable micronation would be the Principality of Sealand, which claims a 550 square-meter WW2 Pontoon Base in the English Channel as its soveriegn territory (in fact it has quite a history with a government in exile and once came close to war with the UK). So I suggest we brainstorm some ideas, come up with a name and such, and maybe post a website for WFG's Micronation Here are some ideas to think about: Name, Government System, Leadership (election if its a democracy), Territory (if any), Flag, Language, National Anthem, ...ect.
  4. I'm goning to try to get a picture of it sometime, but my grandfther is a car collector and the pride of his collection is a 1936 Mercedes 540K Roadster, which he brought over from Europe and claims it belonged to Hermann Göring. It looks kinda like this:
  5. Hello, and welcome to Wildfire Games AD0? Dont you mean 0ad ? 0ad is just one of the games being developed here. We are also working on The Last Alliance, a freeware game based on the literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien
  6. Diocletian never ruled in Byzantium, that move was made by Constantine the Great who changed the name of the ancient port-city to Nova Roma (later changed to Constantinople). Both Empires were run using the same legal and military system in the time of Diocletian, but after the death of Constantine both were separate of each other, and the Western Empire was no more than a military dictatorship under the "guidance" of the Eastern Emperor in Constantinople. The day to day governing of the Roman Empire eventualy fell to the Catholic Church and the Pope.
  7. Italy Plans El;aborate Torch Relay before Turin Cool, I love the Olympics .
  8. Dioclietian was the Emperor who split the Empire into two halves, but Constantine moved the Capital to the ancient port of Byzantium and renamed it Nova Roma (later called Constantinople).
  9. I got it this morning. It hurts like hell. They stick needles into your spine to draw out blood or whatever their after. Very painfull
  10. I use IE, but I have gotten the same problem with some other sites from time to time as well. I just checked and I still cant compose a new message. Maybe its the link rather than the page itself?
  11. Maybe. I have been having several problems recently with the forums and the 0ad and TLA sites. Sometimes I get a 404 for no reason and then right after I can go on that page again, and I havent been able to answer the poll on the 0ad site
  12. I try to go half an hour or more on a treadmill everyday, and 400 laps in a pool (if I can get to one) every week. I also bike to school and back, and I try to go biking for about 5 hours a week. This probably sucks as a workout schedual Whats yours?
  13. I have to go and get a Lumbar puncture procedure (otherwise known as a spinal tap) on thursday. A couple weeks ago I got into a car accident (thats why I was inactive for a week) and now my doctor has ordered a spinal tap. I have already had a CATscan last week, so I really dont know whats going on Anyway, if anyone here has had this done, can you tell me what to expect?
  14. Whenever I go into My Controls and select "Compose New Message" I get a 404 error Any ideas on why I cant write any new messages?
  15. I go to a Catholic High School with uniforms. Part of the female uniform is a kilt, so the school admin has banned guys from loitering in the stairwells
  16. Sure I can Just because it was theorozied to take God out of the equation doesnt mean it carries out its intended purpose. Pope John Paul II (MHRIP) wrote several things regarding evolution and God. He was able to show how it is possible for evolution to have taken place with God as it's divine creator. Not the least of these pieces is his adress to the Pontifical Academy of the Sciences, but this can all be discussed in my new Theology discussions thread
  17. Maybe I should be the first to get the ball rolling on the incident of the two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders who were arrested for having sex in a bathroom. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2005/foot...heerleaders.ap/ Well, I'll be the first to say it: LOL!!!
  18. Lol, I was showing a friend at school these forums and he pointed this out to me- when I posted this I meant I dressed up as a mental patient I hope everyone here was smart enough to figure that out
  19. I would like to propose that the list of fonts we are able to post with in the WFG forums be increased with fonts relating to 0ad and TLA. For example, some fonts pertaining to the various civilizations in 0ad be included (Greek, Old Persian, Celtic/Germanic Runes, an informal Latin script or two, ect.), and for TLA there could be a few Tengwar fonts, and some Angerthas and Cirith fonts.
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