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  1. Have our names been submitted for the subscription yet?
  2. It is true that in the Renaissance period gunmen functioned mostly as skirmishers, but, as Belisarivs pointed out, they brought about great changes in the style of European warfare. While an archer or a crossbowman would have had greater range, accuracy and less reload time, they were practically useless against heavily armoured cavalry. Firearms made this armour a weakness, and togather with a dense formation of pikemen ended the age of decisive cavalry charges. Warfare now centered around infantry tactics, heavy cavalry went into steep decline in favor of lighter lancers and hussars. I am frankly surprised that the Renaissance is often forgotten. This was an era of great change, and great change brings about great conflict- The French Wars of Religion, the Thirty Years War, the Sack of Rome, the Ottoman-Hapsburg Wars, the War of the Roses, the Turkish-Venetian Wars, the War of Dutch Independance, the early European conquests in North and South America, and the list could go on.
  3. Yes, but the Honor and Glory mod is still primarily medieval, so even if we did get a glimpse of the Renaissance at the end of the tech trees the gameplay and the map and even the building sets will reflect an earlier time period.
  4. How about a Renaissance modification for 0ad? I have found that there are many games, with varying levels of historical accuracy, that cover warfare and civilization from classical times (aprox. 1000 BC to 500 AD) to the medieval (1000 AD to 1300 AD). There are also some games based on the Napoleonic and colonial eras (aprox. 1700 to 1820). However there seems to be a lack of games that focus on the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance (aprox. 1350 to 1600), even though this is the period that witnessed immense change throughout all aspects of Western civilization. The unique style of warfare during this period offers some interesting gameplay. Armies will still be built around late medieval-style heavy infantry, yet players will also have access to primitive gunpowder units. Fortifications will still play an important part, with gunmen defending the walls alongside archers and crossbowmen against an array of powerful siege machinery and cannon. Complimenting the heavy cavalry of the middle ages will be a variety of light cavalry units, early types of lancers and hussars. Players will be able to choose from a new selection of factions, like the Italian cities, the Holy Roman Empire, England, France, the Papal States, Spain, the Ottoman Empire, ect. Any interest?
  5. AoK used the many of the same units throughout all the civs, the monk unit included. I suppose the current monk does well enough for the Western civs, but the monks in your picture would have been better for the Byzantines. Of course many of the civs shouldnt have those monk units either. And for that matter if your the Byzantines the monastery should not resemble a mosque. Though I do think they could have done better with the Western monk, like the monks here. Notice the black habit of the Benedictines with the scapular over it, Though if the idea was in fact to get the look of a Cardinal, I would have suggested a unit more like Cardinal Cushing here, http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/6322/78...ushing01rsz.jpg Or perhaps Cardinal Sarto, the Venetian Patriach in this photo and soon to be Pope Pius X,
  6. Interesting progress I see. Congrats on the excellent work.
  7. What a pleasant surprise I got this morning. Thanks for holding the raffle and my cool subscription I've been busy lately, but I try to check in at 0ad at least once a month. I am becoming quite the amateur historian.
  8. Just checking in after over a year since I've visited WFG. What progresswith 0ad have I missed?
  9. An ancient Roman computer? Who'd have guessed?! http://technology.sympatico.msn.cbc.ca/Sci...detect=&abc=abc
  10. Hmm, I came back for a little peek at 0ad. Not too bad, not too bad at all... Umm, yes, ok, goodbye.
  11. Its good to see how much work has been done here BTW, I love the new homepage Keep up the good work
  12. I have to say, I'm impressed. Coming back to gaze at the screenshots you guys have posted made my mouth drop. Well done How long have I been away from WGF? I dont really know Anyway, since I shudder to think about all the reading I have to get caught up on the current state of 0AD, so could some kind person here sum it up for me
  13. Hey Pscho, I heard about that mod. RTW mod I believe. Dont know much else about it Heh, good luck with that and welcome to WFG
  14. It is impolite not wish everyone a Happy Easter Oh well, HAPPY EASTER WFG May you and your families enjoy this underrated holiday
  15. I'll post this again since nobody seemed to notice it the first time The theologian in me has come out again... So, any plans to incorporate religion into 0ad? I mean, religious beliefs played a very important part in ancient civilization (well, civilization in general) and often governed the decisions and actions of military comanders. Look at the Battle of Marathon for example- the Spartans were unable to come to the aid of the Athenians because of a religious festival. And there are many instances of rampaging armies being stopped only by an elcipse of the Sun or Moon. So, in 0ad differant civs could have differant religions and these religions can give bonuses. Or maybe another system, but I was just wondering what part the ancient religions can play in 0ad
  16. EDIT: wrong thread- sorry
  17. I got another one a few months back from a "doctor" in South Africa asking for $10,000 so he could transfer $100,000 to me.
  18. I just found this (blatant) scam when I checked my emails today. How stupid do they think I am Maybe I should call just for fun
  19. Yes, it was an amazing and unforgettable experience I hope you do get to go someday
  20. WFG SCRIPT WRITING CONTEST! Well, for the first time ever at WFG (I think...) you will be able to write and submitt a script or screenplay of your own creation. Guidelines - Either a Movie/TV screenplay or a script for a play is acceptable. For the help writing a screenplay, this is a great site- Screenwriting.info - Scripts can last for 10 minutes to an hour (or if some of you are really creative you can write for more than an hour- but please notify me of that first). - Please include a short description page with your script that briefly describes the theme and characters. - Any theme or topic you choose will be great. It is also fine if you want to adapt a story or book for your movie/play. - Any questions? Dont hesitate to ask At this moment I dont have any specific deadline. I'll see how many people sign up, then I'll post a date
  21. Welome to WFG Wow, historical renactment. Sounds cool What weapons are you accustomed with?
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