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  1. Who are you calling an American ?! I am a citizen of Canada, not the United States! It is a rather hurtful insult to refer to Canadians as Americans You can call me dumb, but just dont say I'm an American
  2. Today, in Canada and the United States , is the day that the we look to the common groundhog to enlighten us on how many more weeks of winter we can look forward to. The traditions states that if the groundhog emerges from his burrow on the morning of Febuary 2 and sees his shadow, winter will last for another six weeks. However, if the groundhog fails to see his shadow we will get an early spring. So, here are the predictions for 2006 from some famous groundhogs- 6 more weeks of winter — Punxsutawney Phil Early Spring — Wiarton Willie, General Beauregard Lee, Staten Island Chuck, Shubenacadie Sam, Jimmy the Groundhog Wiarton Willie, Ontario's famous albino groundhog
  3. I found these on the HG forums, they really crack me up Heh, cool
  4. As a Green Party supporter I'm sure you are not happy about Stephen Harper's announcment that he may reconsider plans (brought in by the Liberals) for the Kyoto Accord (and reconsidering the decision not to participate in the American Missile defense plan).
  5. Numerous reasons. For starters the Liberal Party was full of corruption- the big highlight of the year being the so-called Sponsorship Scandal in which more than $1 billion was given to Liberal-friendly ad agencies and found its way back to the Liberal Party. We know three things about the sponsorship scandal- Chretien Bad Martin Clueless Money Gone
  6. There are dozens of parties, most will never be listed as they never get votes, (including several communist parties), but it depends on where you live in Canada as to what parties are available for you to vote for, although the major parties have a canidate in every area.
  7. While I do have the right to vote until May, I did participate in the student elections at my HS. I voted Liberal, not because I like them but because I dislike both the extreme right wing Conservatives and the extreme left wing NDP. At first I supported the Conservatives, but I do not like their pro-american (well, pro-Bush I should say), pro-war and pro-two tier healthcare policies (beasied the fact that Stephen Harper reminds me of a weasel). Well, at least Conservative power is checked in a minority government and the NDP (I do like their good social values) has many more seats this time than in the last election.
  8. Well, its official- there is no way the Liberals can pick up now. Stephen Harper is now the 22 Prime Minister of Canada, ending the 12 year reign of the Liberal Party.
  9. Another update- it looks as if my prediction was wrong . Most channels with election coverage have already began saying that a Conservative Party victory is assured. If the Conservatives get in we can see- Pro-American policies Pro-Military policies Private Healthcare System Repeal of the Gay Marriage act King Stephan Harper
  10. A little election update- the Liberals seem to be leading right now as the polls begin to close and the numbers are reported. Just as I predicted
  11. Hello 0ad is one of the two games being developed here (if you havent found that out already ). The other game is The Last Alliance, based on the literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
  12. Here is the flag (I'll take it off if the WFG logo is copyrighted):
  13. Canadians are going to the polls today to elect a new government. Most people are saying that our current government, the Liberal Party of Canada led by Prime Minister Paul Martin will lose to the Conservative Party. So far this is how the parties currently stand: Conservative Party: 37% Liberal Party: 27% NDP Party: 19% Bloc Quebecois Party: 11% Green Party: 6% My own prediction for the outcome of this election is a Liberal Minority government, because (in my humble opinion) when it comes right down to it Canadians prefer to elect the devil they know, rather than the devil they dont I was browsing through the Elections Canada site, and I found this in the FAQ- "Is someone allowed to eat a ballot?" WTF???!!!
  14. Hmm, elect me as leader and you can all go around saying ' Heil Caesar!' So, what should the name of our new State be?
  15. Somebody else brought that up once, but I forget who... I only used Caesar because that was my user name at HG and a couple other forums (actualy it was Caesar89 originaly).
  16. Well, maybe this is in need of some ressurecting So far the ideas are as follows: Flag- Red WFG logo on a white background (I made one, however I'm not sure if I can post it as it may be copyrighted) Territory- Antarctica and lets not forget about a Constitution (thanks for reminding me Yiuel ) Well, any more ideas?
  17. 1. It is Gandalf, not Gandolf. 2. This is 0ad, a historical game. Go check out the TLA forums if you want Gandalf as a unit.
  18. A couple questions on ships in 0ad, 1. How will ships attack? ie. can ships ram other ships? 2. Will units on board ships add to the attack of the ship, and/or give the ship new attacks? ie. the ship can use its normal attacks (I suppose ships will attack with ballista bolts as in AoK), and any units on board can fire arrows. 3. Does the bow of the ship have to face its target in order to attack (as in AoK)?
  19. The Romans at their height were overpowering, although I do see your point from the playablility perspective- sometimes historical accuracy has to be sacrificed for playability. Of course, but the bulk of the Cathaginian military forces were mercenaries, not home-grown soldiers (on another note- is the Cathaginian's use of mercenaries shown in 0ad in some way?). If you are basing this on historical fact, I bet I can guess which civ Only the after the Marian Reforms were all the Roman forces proffessional, and I believe the first part of 0ad is focusing on the Punic-era Romans.
  20. In regards to the population limits in 0ad, how will you manage to compensate for the fact that the demographics for each civ are historicaly differant? For example- at it's peak, Rome housed more than a million inhabitants (although this was during the Imperial Era and should have no bearing on 0ad); on the other hand most Celtic and Iberian settlements never had more than a couple hundred people. The differance in demographics historicaly gave the larger civilizations an advantage over the smaller ones. Will 0ad represent these advatages in some way?
  21. Yes, sometimes accuracy has to be sacrificed for playability
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