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  1. Well, the joke's on me ! I like the wall idea, but I suppose a physics engine would be a little too much to ask of hobbyist freeware game. It would be nice though... In case you are using AoK and AoE style walls, you could resrtict which units would be able to attacl walls. For example, melee and cavalry units would not have any effect on the walls, archers could do some minimal damage, and siege weapons do the most damage.
  2. I understand the reasons behind the merger of these two games, but I can guarentee the result will not be good. Historical games do not work well with fantasy games. I am sorry, but I cannot see a good result and I am really disappointed.
  3. Well, that counts out my crappy computer.
  4. Looks like the 0AD developers are keeping everyone in suspense...
  5. Well the article I've written is called Who Killed Julius Caesar I dont know if that would go under biographies or roman history archives. I am aslo currently writing an article about Spartacus.
  6. How would I go about submitting an article to the 0 AD history archive? Secondly: Will archers be able to run out of arrows? eg. they can only fire for so long and then they "run out of arrows" and will have to wait so long until they can attack again. Same goes for siege weapons like ballistas and onagers.
  7. Thanx, I joined the Roma Victor faction *begins hacking down random barbarians with a short sword*
  8. How do I join a faction? I would like to be part of the Roma Victor Faction
  9. Just a small question- does 0 AD have any beta versions out?
  10. Wijitmaker, could I use some of the buildings from Rome at War for CoE? They are well done and would work great with the Greco-Roman set.
  11. Do you have any of the 0 AD resourses from when it was an AoK mod that you might like to donate? I would appreciate it and give thre creators credit.
  12. Thanks Wijitmaker, I got the files
  13. Hi, I have decided to bring back the original 0 AD idea which was a modification for Age Of Empires II. Many people think AoK is dead, but in fact several large projects are currently underway at the AoKH forum. My mod, Clash of Empires, focuses on the civilizations and cultures in the timespan of 1500 BC to 500 AD. I anticipate the release of 0 AD, but while I'm waiting this will have to do . I was wondering if any of the 0 AD staff has any advice or suggestions for me. I apreciate any comments for my mod, Thank You
  14. Hi, I am just introducing myself to this forum.
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