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  1. So this morning at 2am I leave for the airport to go to Roma I will be visiting the Coliseum, the Pantheon and of course Vatican City among other places. I'll take lots of pics for you all- goodbye!
  2. Are you reffering to Greek Fire? That was invented around 670AD by the Byzantines and has no historical context in 0ad- although like I mentioned above the Spartans might have used an early type of Greek Fire during the Peloponesian War. 1. They were Germans. 2. Fire, especialy in a forest, can quickly get out of hand and pose a threat to the Romans. 3. The Germans could have used the smoke to their own advantage by using it as a smokescreen for their tactics. Also, like Belisarivs said, the Romans didnt often break ranks, not forgetting that Maximus Decimus as a general probably wouldnt have fought in the front lines.
  3. It apears a non-perscription drug was found in Mr. Milosevic... suicide?... assasination?... innocent mistake? http://sympaticomsn.ctv.ca/servlet/Article...an_autopsy06031
  4. I suppose I will realize that after my 19th birthday, probably the next morning as I'm lying in the emergency room Although luckily, I have inherited the family liver, which is a very good and strong liver Besides, my sister taught me how to do it- eat lots of bread beforehand
  5. Siege Weapons and Fire, eh? Interestingly enough, there is evidence that the Spartans used some sort of early flamethrower in the Peloponnesian War, possibly a precursor of Greek Fire. As for the Romans, it does not seem inprobable that at some time or another a Roman soldier decided to cover the projectile stone in a flammable substance and set it alight before launching it at the wall of an enemy town. But in the opening scenes of Gladiator, I think that had that battle actualy taken place, the Romans probably would have seen that firing a flaming projectile while in a forest would have been a bad idea- obviously the trees would have caught fire in an area where the Romans would have to charge into, and the smoke would have made seeing the enemy difficult EDIT: I found an animation of an onager CLICKY!
  6. I agree that there should be more preventitive measures in place rather than reactive measures, but we must also consider how to properly punish war crimminals. And of course there should be measures in place to prevent them from pulling a Hermann Göring before they can be punished.
  7. Happy birthday man When I turn 19 my goal is to drink 19 bottles of bear in 10 minutes- my sister did it, so can I
  8. http://sympaticomsn.ctv.ca/servlet/Article...sovic_ap_060311 Goodbye and good riddance.
  9. I want to finish high school this year, go back for an extra semester next year (universities like it when you have more u-level courses), work and save up my money until that summer, go on a 2 month trip to europe, then go to university. This is my master plan- whats yours?
  10. Poor Tim, the latest victim of the American Vice President. When will Cheney be stopped? For the good of society, WHEN WILL HE BE STOPPED??!!!
  11. The Canadian mens team lost to Russia
  12. The Canadian Women's Hockey team got Gold !!!! They beat Sweden 4-1! The US got bronze
  13. Canada hasnt been doing that well in the last two hockey games, we have get it togather if we want to slaughter the Americans again. I tend not to look at the politics of the olympics- this is one of the few events I try not to analyze as I just want to relax and watch some wholesome entertainment.
  14. Hahaha- Canada won Gold in both men and women's hockey in 2002 and we will do it again The women's team is on a roll- 16-0 against Italy and 12-0 against Russia (yeah, thats right- RUSSIA!)
  15. I expect that the Gold in men's hockey (and probably women's hockey too) will come down to the US and Canada again. America better brace itself for another inevitable defeat it will suffer at the hands of Canada
  16. What about the Iberians- the ancient inhabitants of Spain?
  17. Canada got a gold in freestyle skiing and our women's hockey team beat Italy 16-0
  18. Who here is planning to follow the Winter Olympics in Turin? I cant wait for the opening ceremonies tomorrow I seem to have an uncontrollable urge to type the following... COME ON CANADA- BRING HOME GOLD!!!! Couldnt resist Anyway, if anyone wants to check out some stuff about the Olympics, heres a couple links http://www.torino2006.org/ENG/OlympicGames/home/index.html - Official Site for the 2006 Winter Games http://www2.fiammaolimpica.it/ - A neat flash file on the Olympic Flame
  19. 500 posts as of now How exactly can I create a custom title (I believe that I am able to do that when I reach 500)?
  20. Cool, I'll be sure to listen Good luck
  21. Will there be options for differant archer attacks like aiming (takes longer but is more accurate) and firing in volleys (less accurate but quicker)?
  22. 'Alexander' had some good battle scenes, but overall the movie sucked and was inaccurate in many parts. Anyway, while on the topic of chariots, can we expect to see a crash like that when a chariot in 0ad get killed?
  23. Groundhog day is always celebrated on the Christian Feast of Candlemas. The traditions stems from this Scottish poem- "As the light grows longer The cold grows stronger If Candlemas be fair and bright Winter will have another flight If Candlemas be cloud and rain Winter will be gone and not come again". It originated in 1887 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Wiarton Willie, Canada's famous albino groundhog, began his work in the 50's when a resturant owner in Wiarton (a picturesque) town of 2300) wanted to increase tourism. The first "Groundhog" was in fact his wife's fur hat
  24. What have you Americans been feeding Punxsutawney Phil? I never knew groundhogs could be so fat
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