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  1. I forgot how I installed it but is it new addition on mod.io? @Stan`
  2. could this be a trick to push wildfire games to release 0AD on steam, I would like to see more players playing 0AD of course.
  3. @king reza the great I am half way there on the matter of creating a new map based on "belgian uplands", we can remove those ugly deer in that map.
  4. we can play Team Games, I made very few changes like changing the grass texture and changed the sun color and elevation and rotation and nothing more, I think using feldmap we can play team games also it is only used for 1v1, because few people know how to install feldmap. I wanted to make the map more darker like in the evening but not sure others will be interested. this mod is part of my learning process, will try to include more changes if others suggest it.
  5. Hello 0AD Fans and Developers, I made a new random map generator mod, its a copy paste mod of @Feldfeld's Mod, But I change some things in it, Hope you guys will like the changes. New belgian Upland map with chicken near cc without deers and rabbits New mainland map with no cliffs or hills positioning based on pattern like the map frontiers You can download the mod in mod selection From Today (November 18 2022) Thanks you @Stan` 0ad-maximalists-map.zip 0ad-maximalists-map.pyromod
  6. I was searching 0AD in steam, I got this, will 0AD be released on steam?
  7. may be selecting video category is enough but I saw valihrant's video yesterday but now only my video is shown, I think it will not be shown tomorrow.
  8. I cannot see textures all green or grey in new alpha @Stan`
  9. I need to learn generators for map because I want to be able to make the number of players dynamic and I tried my map It shows some errors, maybe some textures are missing.
  10. unfortunately new alpha is release and my map will not work in it. need to learn how to write generator for maps.
  11. I too wonder what a free wonder would do.
  12. A map that I made keeping the mod here to share it 0admaximaps.pyromod
  13. cartography and diaspora icons switched places, if you hover diaspora icon it shows cartography. @Stan`
  14. @Langbart I got it figured, I have no exp working on xml but now I am able to tweak a bit, after completing I will be able to use it regularly with this change.
  15. @Langbart how to reduce the size of this black panel, actually it will be helpful if you can share how to change font size of all things in here, I have managed to fix summary panel for me but whatever I do stats toppanel row is not obeying. This is only for me I have a small resolution monitor, 0AD stats and summary works fine but when I use boongui It breaks, I found I can tweak some variables and fix summary view but stats need your help.
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