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  1. @Stan` @user1 it all start like this If you don't want 0AD forum full of d words f words f wording peoples parents please just please, you cannot solve this problem. some problems are not meant to be solved.
  2. Hello dude I have been called names and abused and my family members were insulted multiple times and and It has been happening for months I think almost a year he started by asking whether he can do oral sex to me and tried to get into their gay gang I kept calm and ignored but the problem is other player also cheer up this dude on insulting me, they think I am noob and a I don't deserve to play 0AD even if so called OP player won't abuse you, they enjoy me getting abused multiple times and still they prefer players like shyft_sierra in games than me so even if I report to anyone it is not going to make any difference, also this dude insult me racially and it never ends every time this dude come to game he starts insulting so I think keeping quite and absorb the hatred and anger will cause the production of too much of bad hormones inside my body and eventually make me sick so I insult this dude back so he feel sick too, IF I TRY TO KEEP CALM HE IS ENJOYING THE WHOLE PROCESS AND I AM GETTING AFFECTED MENTALLY AND PHYSIOLOGICALLY. I know people who commit suicide because of online bullying and this is not a cycle we can end by keeping our mouth shut. I am from India and people calling me @#$% and dump all the time make me feel I should commit suicide or die because I feel stupid living this world run by white people and living in complete disadvantage. This is pure arrogance that cause this kind of people talk like this because they know their race own the world and I will keep insulting this guys using worst words and worst scenarios possible I am choosing to fight against this arrogant people I don't mind getting banned from playing 0AD. 0AD will loose one player and I will get rid of an addiction and I will understand there is no point trying to collaborate with people Capitalism Wins all the time.
  3. I did this to that dude I think I don't have to a gentleman to someone who keep insulting my family, If I get insulted I insult them back. @seeh are you reporting me for being toxic? I am OK if you guys ban me from this game, I usually never get offended like this other than in 0AD and players like this,
  4. are you doctor organs, you look like a small boy. it only takes some money to pay our developers so that they can work on this full time then 0AD will be finished product. or a lot of C++ developers find 0AD and fix all lag and stuff.
  5. mainland of course, I strongly believe in a new mainland with better looking trees and grass texture and environment settings. also game UI needs to be modernized. we can get inspiration from UI of banner lord manner lord etc for example
  6. Done. one feedback from a young dude I show the game, they don't like the look of the game everything looks too old for them. I am 30 years old I have played 2d game in the past so I know 0AD is modern but these dudes are born into 3d games.
  7. may be report to community mod devs https://gitlab.com/0ad/0ad-community-mod-a26/-/issues/5
  8. Rome at WAR in AOE2 wildfire games project
  9. There are lot of ways you can pay back this dude, make as much army as you can and rams and resign near his cc. send all you resources to some one who is border with him or fighting this dude etc. believe me this guy will feel a lot irritated after this and he will start talking BS to you take screenshots and send that to devs.
  10. https://0ad.old.mod.io/0ad-maximalists-mod https://mod.io/g/0ad/m/0ad-maximalists-mod
  11. if you install using zip file folder structure should look like this
  12. this is how folder will look like if you used pyromod to install this mod.
  13. Bitcoin can be exchanged in dollars, I think 0AD should accept crypto donations, If we are not already accepting. most crypto currencies are $H1Tcoins but Bitcoin is great, I think some kind of Bitcoin relationship is good for 0AD to grow since the bitcoiners tend to be kind of people who try to learn things in detail and are likely to support 0AD.
  14. still figuring out change the sun color ambiance etc for this mod. will do later
  15. @king reza the great belgian upland is now updated find new map with name belgian uplands for maximalists no deers and rabbits added chicken near cc
  16. I felt a26 is not lagging because of spectators, but people do blame spectators for lag. even @ValihrAnt blames spectators for lag
  17. I learned to make a mod only yesterday, but that is not stopping me from dreaming. but I am bit sad since you say its complicated, yes even the normal spectators cause lag now, it will be a total disaster if they are playing too. could be a total lag fest, provided that we implement the feature, which is I have no idea how to implement.
  18. I think it is possible but don't have much know how to do that now, I hope I can do that eventually. also another idea is to let spectators play a single unit for a player they prefer, so that the spectators can be assassins for a faction they prefer, they will be playing completely independently, and respawn as long as the main player is in game. @Stan` I would like to know your opinion about this, will it be a good idea or a bad one.
  19. I am also trying to figure out a way to bring back badoso mod to life. I have already learned how to create a mod by stealing code from feldfeld I am on my way to bring back pre fixed positions for players which was working fine in badoso's mod, even though I never tried it before, It is a nice Idea. @hamdich is behind this idea. I am also trying to remove all deers in belgian uplands for reza-math.
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