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  1. I have had this error since A24. When putting multiple Barracks in one control Group, one or more often stop working. Happens in booming and when rebuilding larger Batches of Population. Say I'd have 10 Barracks and want to produce 30 Soldiers. Often it ends up with 6 Barracks doing Batches of 5, instead of all 10 doing 3. Same with Blacksmiths, If i have 3 in one control group. If i then just select the symbols, they often get queued all on one Blacksmith, instead of spreading it evenly. Probably this is a known bug, but didn't find it. WIl it be fixed or do I have to always double check if everything works and manually use it? Maybe it would also be nice that the hotkey that shows the health of a unit or building would also show if that building is Idle or in use.
  2. I am in as well kun0 European afternoons and evenings. Weekends as well. Probably more fit for silver bracket, but I'll have fun anyway
  3. Oh thanks! Such an amazing reward
  4. Do I need to wait or can i get it some other way?
  5. I tried downloading via terminal with ubuntu, but I only got a25. I followed the intructions here https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GettingTheUnixRelease
  6. I am thinking about starting a channel and commenting videos. However I think I will only be able to do it infrequently. What about a community account?
  7. So fighting is only attack move? Or can you micro in a fight? Focus on single units instead of all? Does it make sense to fight big battles with melee cav or should they be used for raiding? Or should one always micro cav then to attack ranged units and keep them out of the way of spears? Maybe make a second guide, how to move from 1400 to 1600-1700?
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