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  1. I think it would be interesting(even though it's probably not feasible), that since as we know the Roman economy boomed during war time, whereas outside of war time they racked up serious debt problems and slower economy. What if maybe based on soldier count the Roman eco benefits when there are more quantity of soldiers giving certain bonuses when above 60% compared to total population ratio of men to women and remains stable when its under say 60% compared to total population ratio of men to women. Then suffers when the percentage falls below a certain number (say 25%) compared to total population ratio of men to women. With maybe a 5 second reduction on tech research if the bonus is in effect, and maybe a couple seconds off of batch training time.

    It also brings up the thought of a timer of last battle or fighting activity that helps that bonus.

    As I said this timer idea doesn't seem too feasible in case of multiplayer especially, where unless you suicide a soldier or use rush strategy it doesn't really add to the gameplay, more to depth.

    Just a thought towards the differentiation wouldn't mind hearing what y'all think of eco bonuses to Rome and civs in general in "wartime".

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  2. 6 hours ago, wackyserious said:

    I will let you guys decide if the helmet I made is worth to be commited or if we should just retexture from the Coolus on the left, but we will definitely have a iber_helmet_ciggaralejo with its own texture which is an iron with a hint of shade of brown, similar to my helmet.

    This is the final piece and the major Iberian rework will be committed, followed by the Lusitanian faction mod rework

    012422 - Coolus Helmet (2).jpg

    Personally I think they both look great, I'm partial to that shiny metal look. But overall the shape of the one on the right looks better.

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  3. 6 minutes ago, Stan` said:

    I actually now have all the assets just didn't find the time to put them back together

    Oh that's awesome! I was wondering( this is probably the wrong place to do so but) I wanted to ask you what exactly a person like me would have missed that is new to the game since early 2020? I figure you would be the best person to ask lol

  4. On 8/1/2019 at 10:56 PM, wackyserious said:

    a.) At its current state, no (A commit which is due within a couple of days might make this playable for players who use the SVN version of the game)

    b.) Not sure about compatibility, others could answer this, maybe

    Ok have tested several times the mod does not work on random maps and it does not work on MP unless the other players have the mod.

  5. On 7/27/2019 at 5:45 AM, Lion.Kanzen said:

    That was my 13th faction.

    Ok a). what do you mean 13th faction, b). I love the idea of a Scythian civ cause as @wowgetoffyourcellphone and @Sundiata were saying there are multiple Scythian related units throughout the game based on what I have seen there are  is a chariot, an archer unit and I believe a couple more units could be found, or heck maybe like the civ they are currently a champion mercenary archer they could have some thracians to fill their ranks.

  6. 1 hour ago, Nescio said:

    On the other hand, many fish species are endangered and some have gone extinct due to overfishing, so infinite fish isn't entirely realistic either. I suppose the proper way would be to have a regeneration rate sufficiently high so that fish won't get depleted by one or two fishing boats, but will disappear when more are fishing the same school.

    Very true but, what king of fish are u pulling out of a fishing boat's net?

    Mullet and Sardines and lots of other bait fish you're not catching tuna in a net unless its small ie. a baby or juvenile

  7. On 10/19/2018 at 4:40 PM, Imperator Ferrum Princeps I said:

    how about units being able to "build" saplings that turn into adult trees over time and farm trees like they do animals lategame?

    this is an amazing idea ik that where i live tree farms are pretty common


    8 hours ago, Nescio said:

    Personally I think fish and fruit ought to regenerative, but not wood. Spawning saplings (and young animals) is an interesting idea, but implementing it in a natural way is not straightforward.

    true then again shouldn't fish be infinite cause ik for sure that they have been fishing the grand banks in nova scotia for at least 500 years and there is still fish there, also there are many other places around the world where they have been fishing for long periods of time

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  8. On 7/30/2019 at 2:02 PM, soshanko said:

    light cav, sword cav,  build lots of zig zag palisades. then use archers. archer cav


    Ok I have tried this and it is quite an issue it barely works and the cav showed up before palisades were finished and the archers were unable to defeat 15 cav(i made 100 archers) only thing that kept the 9 remaining cav from killing me was i had placed about ten champ archers behind with 5 priests as a last resort

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