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  1. Well here is another one. Name is UsmanK current rating at time of game. (1222) It's kind of sad I mean if ur losing then resign don't be a poor sport and quit. commands.txt metadata.json
  2. They have weak armour, so I mean drawback is there. Now I do know that the supposed counter for slingers is skirmishers but the skirmishers are slaughtered unless you have a 3 to 1 or even 5 to 1 odds or some siege weapons supporting your men. But if the slingers have support such as basically any other unit then your screwed.
  3. well yeah but so does athens and i've seen recently less celts. And if you need that much stone then mine it its not that hard. It would be pointless to implement that it would really complicate the game. Plus adding possibly hours of time to every game.
  4. Wow!(wolf whistle) Thiis is really good(still) keep it up!!!!!!!
  5. Wow this is amazing hate to say it but this might beat the regular game!!!
  6. And this is big problem with Anglo-Saxons on Millennium AD mod(when playing against ai) the ai just spam produces stables and no houses cause stables make more pop than house, 8(stable)>5(house) which with brits the barracks are not like that.
  7. And the Athenians have slingers too as do Ptolemies and the Carthaginians, and the Iberians so do you turn them down to or just the celtics?
  8. What formations? They dissolve in seconds after seeing enemy units(when not following an order). And that just sucks it happens to me alot.
  9. Why not name it X. Here are some Latin words: xenium, xenii means gift, xenodochus, xenodochi means one who receives strangers, There was an Xeres who was son of Darius, King of Persia 485-465 BC, I know that someone said something about Persian names(this is in Latin) but maybe it could work.
  10. Alpha 24: Amanishakheto I think its should be focused maybe on something not many people know about which in turn makes then want to look it up and therefore they learn something, like my previous suggestion even though I probably butcherd the name. And she checks a lot of boxes for all the politically correct people out there.
  11. Well I totally understand how hard it can be to do on the side, cause bleep happens and takes time away and you have done an amazing job for a free time activity. Thank you for answering my question and keep up the work I know for sure I can't do what you've done.
  12. @Bigtiger I know you said you did not want Templars and I know you were gonna do Polish, Baltics(Prussians, Estonians, Lithuania) but are going to do any Mongol factions or Russians or Swedish or even the Germans/Holy Roman Empire?
  13. Hi I'm from the USA. So your saying we could add native american tribes from North America?
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