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  1. Thanks @Gurken Khan they were interesting to read. I actually remember the bans on pro-Russian opposition groups. It is a hairy situation for sure. It does not help the Ukrainians that there is a kernel of truth in the Russian allegations of nazism, and this makes them able to say the whole government is Nazi in order to justify the invasion. A common holocaust denial belief is that Jews perpetrated the holocaust on themselves, like the Kremlin alluded to with the comments on Zelensky being Jewish. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna26872
  2. Can you put any independent sources for this information? to be honest I don't even know what you mean by 'leftists', doesn't this vary from country to country?
  3. tried? in Russia? like Navalny I guess lol. Here is a video that delves into the symbolism used by Azov battalion and its history. certainly there are nazi symbols and these seem to be related to the groups founding period. I also would doubt that each soldier in the group knew the history of the symbol. Of course the soldiers have a moral responsibility to know what signs they show, but probably most just think it is their symbol.
  4. These dudes have had a rough time, I wonder whether there will be a prisoner exchange for them.
  5. @Yekaterina 0ad has a good community and is not pay to win. I would not consider it time wasted in my book.
  6. good observation. That probably goes for any RTS game that uses resources.
  7. ^The booming=turtling discussion from like a year ago. Mercenaries have been a step in the right direction in this regard but have produced some OP units (merc cav) I think the simplest and most effective way to proceed with decoupling economic boom from military buildup is to add a male unarmed unit that gathers faster than CS infantry. Ideally it would cost like 75 or 80 food (or maybe like 35 metal as a "purchase"), become available in p2, and have the following gather rates: food: 1, wood: 1, metal: .75, stone: .75. Starting hp 50, also affected by loom. Since the unit would be pretty powerful, perhaps it should only come from CC at 2x train time of woman. Unit could be called slave, or villager if we think this is immoral to have in the game (historically there were slaves for sure). The point is that the fastest boom will not involve citizen soldiers, but will be incredibly risky. Also, it will mean that Citizen soldiers are better used for fighting in more scenarios, which would break some inhibitions for early attacks for non-cav units, as well as breaking the couple between military loss and economic loss for infantry.
  8. I am thinking we need to be ready to start doing some serious gameplay testing once the RCs start coming out. Han versus other civs Merc cav balance fire cav balance (also check Briton chariots) pike+ranged vs spears +ranged vs swords+ ranged spearcav catapults macedonian civ bonus When we test things, be sure to try new strategies and think outside the box so that we don’t miss something that we would want to fix.
  9. between autoqueue and manual batch training, the main thing is to do whatever it takes to keep your resource counts low. I like the options right now and I don’t think I will commit to either. In my opinion, the ease of autoqueue and the mental space it frees up is the most important aspect of it
  10. I think african eles make more sense since they are closer to rome. But I think it would be cooler if there was capability to train african or asian eles depending on the civ that the stables are captured from.
  11. I have done and always seek to do this against Carthage. I usually want my own cav first which is hard to get, but this is due to those mercs being op. Playing and winning the game is highly situational and the best moves are not often planned long in advance.
  12. I have to agree with @Sevda on this one about capturing ele stables. IMO being limited to 7-8 is either a gimmick, or has no effect because most games people only ever get about 7-8 eles anyway. eles from captured ele stable might change the way romans attack and put their siege camps. imagine you put a siege camp next to enemy ele stable and keep ele stable captured long enough to make Roman eles. I think this would be a fine mechanic. Perhaps not always being relevant, but it would certainly be a potentially powerful option for romans.
  13. This is actually a great idea. Its not something that could really help them win in p2 like merc-cav, but its something they could use to pressure and gain an advantageous position as the civs head into p3. Roman camps are kind of hard to time correctly and this would give them more options. You make good points about the blacksmith cost too btw, I guess we will think about this more in a26 and see if people want blacksmith changes then.
  14. If you read her whole paragraph, she is discussing ways that USAID is helping to mitigate the effects of the food shortage. by "never let a crisis go to waste" she means that just because something terrible is happening doesn't mean that you can't learn anything from it that benefits the whole system. An example of "never wasting a crisis" would be FAA rules which are altered after disastrous aviation accidents, after extensive investigation.
  15. true and we have @ValihrAnt for that anyway lol
  16. why more than 1 market? usually I build 4 blacksmiths unless I am ptol and 2 if I am ptol. If my eco balance is good I often just forget to build a market (bad habit). To be honest I think 50 stone would be a nice cost addition for blacksmiths which would make it harder to get upgrades while being on a metal only economy (merc cav lol). Nearly all civs actually have good options in p2 (athens and rome are the main worst ones imo), and I think these are diminished in a25 by how powerful the merc cav are. Even iberians can do a building rush if they are close to an enemy. Iberian monument can often mean that any fight over those forward buildings is winnable by Iberians if they put it in the right spot.
  17. @real_tabasco_sauce I agree hyrcanian cavs are garbage I like skiritai commandos and their price and power kind of between champion and CS. They are strong, but never impossible to deal with. I would like to see some other units in other civs potentially have this stat relationship. Perhaps even some champions for some civs could be made cheaper but worse. I think even if we can't agree on the particular stats you came up with, giving hrycanians more dps than swordcav to account for their very weak pierce armor would be great change.
  18. @real_tabasco_sauce yea it amazing seeing all these baby strollers "powered by AI". Not to mention all the bingbongs who got caught in cryptocurrency scams just because they heard people got rich off of Dogecoin. Much of the hype over emerging technology comes from people who don't understand it, and is fueled by media who want to get views on "amazing" "flashy" or "end of the world" type stories.
  19. @Donair One thing that can help against rams is swordsmen or swordcavalry. Just keep some in a nearby high value building like temple, cc, or fort and you can ungarrison to kill rams if they are spammed. 5 swordsmen can kill a ram in about 4 seconds if it is stationary (like when its hitting a building).
  20. It would not be too hard to ungarrison them in time. From gameplay standpoint it’s not a big deal to have to degarrison the walls. Sounds good.
  21. Hmm perhaps I oversimplified the situation due to not knowing much about how the game is coded.
  22. There are upcoming changes in a26 that make formations move much more smoothly. Perhaps the pikemen frontal armor directional damage could be added for that formation (syntagma?) and that way it might have a controllable and counterable effect on gameplay depending on how the formation behaves.
  23. Of course not lol. I am just trying to convey that we should not fight a war over this and just go for the simpler solution: "Han"
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