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  1. Hi. Quick question. Is it possible to upscale unit models by altering some property in a .xml file somewhere or only by changing the model itself? I've searched the forum, but haven't been to find an answer to this. And just in case i've asked the wrong question, what i want is to be able to keep the current proportions of a unit, but make it larger, hopefully by just simply altering a multiplier in a .xml file. Thanks in advance!
  2. In my opinion, it's a reasonable bonus. The problem is, as pointed by other people, that some of the team bonuses are comparably much less usefull, making the iberian's seem stronger than it really is.
  3. The civs' files are a bit spread out since it includes auras and other things. But if you take the simulation folder alone (with gaia and all the civs) it has only 4,22 MB of files with 8,24 MB of occupied disk space. Most of the size of the public folder comes from the Art folder (2,53 GB), Audio folder (177 MB) and the Maps folder (341 MB). The rest only weighs 31 MB. Overall, scripts and XML files are really light.
  4. I don't agree with this statement. The benefits of ranged troops goes beyond their raw damage as they have the ability to attack from behind fortifications, focus fire important units and are less likely to die in combat, maintaining their experience and leveling up more easily. Of course when i say lower than melee i don't mean rock bottom. Let's say if a spearmen does 5.5 damage per second (dps) then i would like an archer to deal around 3.8 dps while a slinger would deal 5 dps and a javelineer 5.5 dps. I am currently toying with a mod that implement these changes (including the hp ones) and some more experimental ones, and in my tests those values were the ones that were feeling more balanced. Of course its still work in progress and subject to change, but my point is we really shouldn't underestimate the power of range.
  5. I love this idea. It's great to have a compiled list of suggestions. In my case i would like to support changing "Damage values of ranged compared to melee". As for what should change, i think the damage of ranged units should be lower than melee units (not by much) mainly do to balancing concerns. Since ranged units can shoot from afar, they can shoot first, and all at the same time or a the same target. Melee units need to get close and often spend more time just maneuvering through the battlefield than actually fighting. This effect is mitigated a little by the lack of precision with increased distance, but in large battles the "missed" shot mostly still lands, just not on the intended target, negating the damage "reduction" granted by the lack of precision. ========================== Personaly i would also like to change the hp values of melee units to be the same as (or close to) ranged units. This way, the main difference in survivability between the two would be due to armor difference and faction specific bonuses/techs. It would also pair nicely with the damage value changes proposed above. And last, but not least, reduce the armor values of Pikemen. I feel they are a bit too much the way they are now. With normal spearmen being 5/5 i would like to se pikes at 7/7 or even 8/6, considering that the large pike makes it harder to wear a sizeble shield for cover.
  6. Thanks @Stan`. I think i understand a few points of your reply, but not all of it. If possible, could you clarify a few things: 1 - It seems that the moddable part of 0AD is treated (in some ways) as a mod itself (called empires_ascendant) <-- is this correct? 2 - If 1 is true, then it means that, much like mods, this one could be changed more frequently, and updated on mod.io 3 - Empires_ascendant is a rather large mod (a few gigabytes in fact) and the only way to change parts of it would be to download and replace the entire thing (can't just change a few files) 4 - " We can't maintain the current version and the next one at the same time. " <--> If i'm understanding this corrently, it means that current versions of 0AD in phabricator (A26) have new features (like acceleration) that changes the game and most of it's .xml files. This way, patches for A25 couldn't be easily tested in Phab without messing with A26 stuff. Therefore it would be necessary to have two projects in Phab, one for A26 and one for A25, and that is just not feasible. If that is the case, then can't we test tentative patches as a simple mod and when eveything is set, officialy transmit them to the Empires_Ascendant "mod". It sounds a little vague because i don't have enough knowledge to know what is possible and what isn't, but if we can use a program, like the installer, to officialy replace files in Empires_Ascedant, it would make things simpler. This way, the workflow would be something like this: Tentative patch A25.01 --> as a simple mod (or .pyromod) file, like any other mods. Balance team downloads the mod, tests it and have discussions. - If the changes are insufficient, a new mod (A25.02) is created and the process is repeated) -If the changes are accepted then it can be implemented. After a final version is approved, an official patch (or something) can be downloaded to replace the original files in the Empires_Ascendant mod for the new ones, but only those that were changed (like a copy and replace). ======================================================= I don't know if i got everything right or if this is even realistic, but if possible, it might be close to a good solution to this problem.
  7. That is true, but imbalances are a natural part of the process, so it is unavoidable in some ways. The biggest issue, in my opinion, isn't that the game can become imbalanced, but that once it does, patches and fixes will only roll out 6-8months later. I'm somewhat aware of the hurdles of changing compiled code, but still can't understand why smaller changes (like numerical tweaks in the template .xml files) can't be updated more regularly, especially since theses changes can be easily modded. This way we wouldn't be so afraid of imbalances, since they could be fixed after a few weeks of discussion.
  8. That is actually a great sugestion. I was thinking about giving each civ a specific tech or unit in p2 that would make it more desirable (like carthage has it's mercs), but this actually does the trick. Although most bonuses aren't really useful in p1 anyway, so this will disproportionaly affect those civs which have bonuses that do play a role in p1 (like the ptolomies). it does only in p1, so not really. Delaying a tech or bonus isn't an actual reduction in diversity. What it does do is balance the playing field in p1, when most civs only have their base units and buildings. This way p2 becomes more interesting, instead of being just a stepping stone to p3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------//------------------------------------------------------------------- Another sugestion i would make is to give a small experience boost to all units trained in later phases. Not enough to advance them in level in p2, but significant to the point where it might play a role (so like 50 to 75 exp in p2 and full level 2 in p3). Since it won't affect previously built units, it won't encourage mass production and then advancenment. On the other hand, it will make the small experience gained by garrisoning barracks more usefulness, since the gap it has to fill is smaller. But this is just an idea.
  9. @alre, Further testing revealed that the impact of the Friction aura in avoiding overlaping isn't as significant as i thought. I ran you mod without them and it felt almost the same (units were a bit faster though, as expected). It kind of reached a level of clumping that i'm ok with. It wasn't as eye catching as the base game (I still have to test it with siege though). Thanks
  10. I remember that part of A24. A25 pushing mechanics really smoothed things quite a bit, which was great. Unfortualy it came with a cost, which is not so great. But at least it can be fixed (eventualy). I checked you mod and your pathfinder values are indeed smaller than the base game. But what it seems to make the most difference, for me, is the Friction aura. It seems that slower units have a more difficult time overlaping. If i'm not mistaken, in another post by @nani, there was a discussion about how farm animals seem to overlap much less than other units, even with the push mechanics. Since they have the same "Default" parameters most other units in the game, it might be because of their speed (which is very slow). Yeah, that mod also has a great AI, Catilina. It does 3-4 minute cav rushes and booms to full pop in 13 minutes. I went as far as extracting just the AI (and the pathfinder file + friction aura) just to play against it in the base game.
  11. Interesting. There is some good discussion on the matter hapenning at your post. Also, good point about the farm animals, i'll test that out as well. Thanks.
  12. Thank you @wraitii. Good to know! Edit1: I tested it out. It doesn't completely removes overlaping, but it does away with 90% of it. It does make unit movement more clunky though, so now i get it why it was added in the first place.
  13. Some context: I've been messing around with the pathfinder.xml file in an attempt to stop units clumping too much when in battle or marching or gathering resources. But it didn't matter which variable i changed, the best result i could get was that units would overlap and then be pushed (rather slowly) away. If i make pushing zones too big, then those units can't hold formations properly. Then it occured to me that i might be going in the wrong way, and a question was formed: Why can units overlap in the first place? They don't overlap with buildings (as far as i know) or with terrain features, so why can they do it to themselves? Is this a feature? An unintended consequense of some obscure code?A bug that has yet to be fixed? Or something else entirely? Thanks and have a nice day!
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