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  1. now it is in off-topic subforum, have a nice day
  2. Click on following There should be option to unfollow
  3. If something segfaults, you get or error window or whole game crashes without telling you anything, it doesnt just slow down your connection.
  4. Can you ask for whole error message?
  5. looks more like some ip or something
  6. I mean, how it was done in the past?
  7. There is no point to set such a trade anyway. They would carry 0 resources and that's when and only when it does not allow you to set up the trade. if (tradingDetails.gain.traderGain == 0) return { "possible": true, "tooltip": setStringTags(translate("This market is too close to the origin market."), g_DisabledTags), "disabled": true };
  8. Hi, can you try again? If still does not work for you, what is exact error it says?
  9. If mods are required for compatibility, then order still mathers, also folder names need to be the same, what was not case here.
  10. Found issue: stupid folder names
  11. No, there is not ticket afaik
  12. I think most of the units in ponies ascendant are females if not all.
  13. Hi, what revision are you playing on? can you upload some replay? Does it happen on every naval map? I just ran simulation on naval map and I could not reproduce it. looks like should have been fixed in https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP25911
  14. Delaying enemy units before they can reach your structures and units? Giving more time for your range troops to shoot to the enemy? There is not same reasoning because now enemy has to destroy them or capture by territory to get to you. If anyone can just click at them and delete them there is no reason to invest resources to build them to begin with.
  15. And then they are totally useless because building them has no reason
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