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  1. Hi, Question i forgot to ask, do you play through lobby when trying to play with friends?
  2. They are not meant to be played at all, thats why they are under demo maps and have test in their names.
  3. Thank you, this one is really mysterious and I can’t see way how it can happen code wise. It looks like something else is changing variable when it should not. Most likely it will be not fixed anytime soon. Ticket: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/6265
  4. Treasure bug is trigger for error you see. It is even worse because controller went into individual state so formation will not respond at all. https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP24989
  5. This does not make sense why that would happen. offsets are just recomputed few lines above and if formation would not have members it would disband and not calling this. Do you happen to have replay?
  6. https://youtu.be/nidPOiWhU9U
  7. probably should, but not as a bugged code
  8. UPDATE Windows people, can you test this one? should fix edge cases Warning: incompatible with other versions pyrogenesis.exe
  9. Windows people, can you test this one? Warning: incompatible with other versions pyrogenesis.exe
  10. It would not move because formation controller was not told to attack but unit's did it individually. Were they in defensive stance? In that case they would return to held position given by last player command while being still in formation they would run. However they could reform at place and then walk to held position as formation but current code about held position is rabbit hole more with formations. Even if they would not be in defensive stance to go back to held position automatically reforming after attack/action (when members are idle again) while half of formation may be elsewhere will trigger run too. Now reason why they run in formation, if they would stuck and need to catch up with formation and if they would not run they would never be able to. Looking into the code I can see potential line, causing them run when they act by themselves but I need to check unitai. Previously it checked if they are tasked to move as formation, now it checks if they are member of formation. However check is now more correct so we need to fix unitai and formations what is long topic or bring back old logic and rename the function, but reforming will still trigger run. We could disable running for formation members but they would never catchup so that's probably not good idea eighter.
  11. Did she capture your storehouse during rush?
  12. Ok, previous one broke. This one looks stable.
  13. dont you happen to have crashlog for it? how reproducable is that? does the match need to run for longer time?
  14. @feneur can you please update @chiffoncake status if it is not already, thnx
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