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  1. Why is it left click to place buildings, when every other order is given with a right click? This inconsistency continues to confuse me.
  2. I feel like seasons would add more structure to a match. Different seasons would have different effects, food production would increase in the spring/summer, the terrain would be treacherous in the winter, etc. There are some other ideas floating around here for longer matches and seasons would make more sense for longer matches. So, yes I don't think seasons are necessary for a good game and would likely slow down the game but I would love to see someone experiment with these ideas to see how it effects things and what new challenges and decisions it brings. Maybe if I get into the co
  3. Not quite, I would like to see seasons because the seasons played a huge role in warfare in ancient times. There are a whole load of ideas for seasons but that would be appropriate to discuss in a separate thread.
  4. Why not instead make construction sites drop sites for the materials required? This would mean you could place construction sites for buildings even if you don't have the resources at hand to build them immediately. Would that mess with the game? So the Civic Centre would only have a dropsite in phase 1? Then changes abilities through the phases? Interesting idea!
  5. As a purely visual thing I would like it. Possibly if seasons were implemented then different crops could be planted at different times of the year. As for making farms finite, that seems like an option to be set before the start of a match. Otherwise, if you give faster harvesting rates to the finite farms then that's the one everyone will use, so it makes the other farms redundant.
  6. Would it be fun to have optional random victory conditions secretly assigned to each player? Like in Risk. Then you would have to try and work out which victory your opponent is going for and shut them down while going for your own victory. Some more victory condition ideas: Population exceeds X Resources exceed X Build X Civic Centers We could even have some silly ones for fun: Survive for X minutes without progressing from the village phase Breed X hundred sheep Let your enemies destroy X of your buildings
  7. Something that Danny and my ideas share is tying technological progress to physical structures on the map that can be destroyed and thus the technological progress lost. This seems like an avenue worth exploring whether pro-phase or anti-phase.
  8. This discussion highlights everything that is bad about phases. Look at the posts endorsing phases, they are all about ways to restrict the player, and arbitrary ways to categorize things into phases. I understand that this is a game and things have to be simplified, and I appreciate the efforts of people to try and improve upon existing ideas (this is in fact more important than new ideas!), but I really think phases/epoch/ages have always been a dead duck in RTS games. A city/civilisation is something that evolves gradually, it does not jump from one age to the next, there is no reaso
  9. I like the idea of Priests converting enemies. How would this work though? How would the priest be able to convert an enemy without your other troops killing them and without the enemy killing your priest before conversion is complete? Priests could also be involved in researching tech in some way. This would make sense since historically, priests were the most educated people and some clergymen were the earliest scientists.
  10. Okay, but this does seem to be brushing aside Thorfinn's concern without good reason. Would it be okay if farmsteads or any other non-military building trained spearmen as well because barracks have more troops and techs? However, Thorfinn commits a similar fault… Is it not just as strange that women would be "produced" at an administrative building? Perhaps we need to think of the civic centre with a new perspective before we can understand whether things need to change and how they could be changed. What if we view the cc not as "producing" units but organising the populace?
  11. I like when terrain is very important and I have to plan how to exploit it best. One thing 0AD does not have that I enjoy is units with unique names that upgrade with experience to become legendary soldiers. Yes, units can gain two levels of proficiency but I would like to see them promoted further and have names so I can keep track of them and build a story around them.
  12. Very nice demonstration. The visual effects really suit Red Alert's hi-tech theme, but how would it look in 0ad? You mentioned a "god view", so would you literally be a god? What would the world look like? (A disc held up by four elephants riding on the back of a turtle?) What would the pointers and menus look like? I think this would require someone very talented and dedicated coming in and basically doing this on their own from scratch. Not many people have this hardware. I don't see it happening but you never know.
  13. https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/21523-my-impressions-and-ideas/&do=findComment&comment=324399 No thoughts on these ideas?
  14. I don't think that is necessary. Having layers of walls is a tactical advantage, no need to buff that with bonuses.
  15. I was thinking this too. I think gaining xp from a combination of damage dealt and received would work best. I am assuming that units have a data flag to state when they are engaged in combat? While in this combat state, we record the damage dealt and received by the unit. The amount of experience gained is only calculated after the unit has left combat—at which point damage statistics are deleted. The experience gained is calculated simply by multiplying the damage dealt by the damage received during combat. Experience Gained = Damage Dealt × Damage Received This relati
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