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  1. I don't know what is so special either, I find it rather annoying to read and undestand and I guess it is ok for a word or two.
  2. If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be? (I know sounds like an interview) Hard-Working
  3. It would be well worth it. I would love to be able to eat 1000 pounds of food, but I would have no pants to fit me. You would have pie, turkey, mashed potatoes, ham, stuffing, bread, and lots more. That reminds me I haven't ate yet!
  4. Yes it is Quacker. But you see I found a contest page with it all and I had to share.
  5. I don't really know anything about the game, so I did a null vote. Where can I try out the game, if possible?
  6. Exactly as I feel. Sometimes I find out they aren't as smart as I thought when I(as they call me the smart one) get to do the bigest part. <_
  7. I have only seen snow one time actully fall. Here in Southern California we don't get any snow only in Northern California does. That is why I only own one pair of pants for partys.
  8. I don't like to follow some teachers(Ms Wacther) and another one(Ms Wacther) and usually(Ms Wacther). But I wil try to help a group that I am not in if in trouble out out trouble. I don't like group projects that have preassigned people that are not belonging in my class to work with.
  9. No it was an accident. She was with a group of older kids
  10. Yes Tim, come here to US. It will be cool. Ubber-food sounds good!
  11. I was told by Brian and Bobby about this forum. First I thought it would be boring and lame, but it was far from it. I have never spent so much time on a single website before(except ebay).
  12. Yes we did. It was cool. We scared a little 3 year old girl. Ok, first we I put up some loud speakers in yard and had 2 fog machines going and strobe lights. Then Brian had his laptop, and my stereo. We played a dying cat sound really loud, and then mixed in a chainsaw sound! Heheheheh, it was funny. Good times!
  13. I watched it. Graphics are nice. Are they made by the game engine, or were made taking 5 years to look really good(as in some game trailers)?
  14. Yes it is odd Brian. You are a younger clone of Tim.
  15. Public Speaking. I don't like talking to anything larger than my class size(20-40).
  16. I DL, and it bored me. Very nice graphics, but boring gameplay. No upbeat music or constantaction as in Halo.
  17. Windows Media Player:mp3s, short videos Quicktime: movie trailers, some audio NvDVD: play DVDs Real Player: Streaming audio(radio)
  18. I never knew you could select it as a language for Google. I will have to try that out.
  19. I have always wanted killer-rodents as pets, must get me some degus. Can you train the degus to atack people, as does Willard in the movie Willard?(that would be cool)
  20. I mainly read only this main forum, but sometimes read the 0ad or tla.
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