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  1. Humm, interesting thoughts Matt. His nose is really werid, and the lipstick, and the eyebrows? Just too much
  2. You're right. I didn't it would be sad if you chose it
  3. Good job ZeZar. English is the hardest language to learn, and you are doing great.
  4. Well how many pets do you have, and list them? I have 1 lizard, 3 cats, 1 dog, 2 hermit crabs, 1 bird, and had 2 frogs.
  5. You do know you misspelled half of that sentence. j/k Matt Why are you a leader Matt?
  6. Ahhhh, Brinny! Hehehe, won't be be suprised about this thread that is turning mainly about what his nickname is.
  7. Yessum', a gun indeed. A very powerful gun. That will tell them whose boss!
  8. Some other people must have some input views? Right? Well, I want peace to everyone and to be healthy. For material gifts: Neat electronic stuff DVD's Games Things to build
  9. I never really noticed the special swords in the movie. But now I know of many more types.
  10. Great idea Mark. It would be fun to bring a laptop back and let ever gaze in awe over its 'power'. Seing historical events first hand would also be cool. Riding with George on Christmas Day on his boat.
  11. Who is the x+r33m 133t typer? How many computer slang word do you know or can invent? Here is a page from Nvidia's Nvidia 133t Fan Contest. Go ahead an enter the contest, and look at all of the words.
  12. Hey Timmy. I know a baby called timmy(actully my cousin). What does Brian go by?Humm.....
  13. I have never heard of her. She must be nice to get that title.
  14. Do you like people to call you nicknames or by your formal name? My formal name is Desmond Charles Talkington, but no one calls me that all at once. I go by Desmond, the ladies can call me Des.
  15. No, I just felt like talking to him, because he hasn't been on messanger in a while. Also to congradulate him on being moderator. I was hinting for him to give me some $$$ maybe.
  16. Wow 6 hours on a test Brian, I remember when you did that. The piano seems so hard to me, so I have never learned to play is magic. Once I spent 13 hours working in a single program, it had posessed me. And I usually don't spend a really long time on games, maybe 2 hours tops when I first get the game.
  17. Hello Brian. Are you having fun here? I think you are, with your powers of the great moderatorness. -Desmond
  18. Very interesting ideas! I lik Tim's one about his teacher, hehe. Witnessing battles first hand is also neat, I want to watch the lions eat people in the Colessum.
  19. I have only made a few simple little things in 3ds Max 5, and am not highly skilled. But I'm learning, and hope to parcipate in this neat contest!
  20. Eah eah, wouldn't happen. I would have a special tazer to shock them and sedate, then revieve them when the journey is done. I could also wittness a live Head Hunting ceremony, where they shrink human heads!
  21. Maybe I will build somthing over thebreak. Somthing big, powerful, and destructive. An Air Cannon! I want plans to make one, they look so cool.
  22. Maybe I would find some cool Dinosaurs and bring them back still breathing. I could create my own Jurassic Park! Or find some old cars, and see how they were made and keep one.
  23. Yes you are Matt. I voted swimming, but not laps. I like to play water polo and freestyle swim. Watching sports is easier to me.
  24. That is very true Matt. Nice provoctive thinking! Anyway, probally with terrorists being more persistant than before, a neo-nuclear war is a possibility.(I hope not) Machines are getting smarter and smarter, and they will eventully control a lot of everyday things. The wrong person could easily usurp that information from you.
  25. A funny one was with the electric shocker muscle stimulators, and they...it was...haha...funny. The one where Jhonny dressed up as an old man, and stole stuff from stores.
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