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  1. George Bush is a great president. He is not ugly.
  2. I like how soft the hills ramble on. Very good job.
  3. I am more skilled in normal graphic arting, and am ok in 3ds Max stuff. It would be great to be in. What would the prizes be?(not that i care for it)
  4. I almost have 500 posts. Humm what shall my name.I will have to think about it in another 130 postings.
  5. Knowing that when I finish something, I can do something else fun. That is what mainly keeps me striving to finish.
  6. Jordan I like the "Duck" one, neat. Is it because you last name sounds like Quack so then it is Duck. Also some people call me "Desi", which is for family ONLY. Sometimes they call me "Des", but usually Desmond.
  7. WOW, that is a lot Klass. I am truely impressed. you must live on a farm to have sheep and chickens, am I right? And I thought I had a lot.
  8. I don't know what will will read. Already we have read: Of Mice and Men To Kill a Mockingbird various short stories I don't know what else
  9. Yes that is better! Get him where is counts(may be hard to find).
  10. Yes Brian, your dog is very nice. It gets too happy sometimes, and the end result is a liquid on the floor.
  11. Did anyone enter the contest at the Nvidia website? You can make up a story to enter.
  12. Yes, you're right! It would be cool to punch Hitler in the face.
  13. Really, what kind of math? Geometry, Algebra? Good luck
  14. My family, friends, life, health! That is it, sweet and to the point.
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