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  1. The Arabs took advantage from the decline of the Sassanids after 28 years of war against the Romans. They are Arabs! The Persian was incorporated into caliphate later by the Arabs due to lack of manpower (skilled warrior). Ansar Warrior from End of Antiquity mod: Arab Guarsman (Haras) Spearmen (Rammaha)
  2. Yes, that's why i'm trying to contact NoMolester, the leader of the Mod. I cannot propose the faction i wish to propose because i didn't receive his approval.
  3. And, there a Youtube link too, you can watch it. Its all about Islamic Caliphate. Oh, here's another one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYOFlY3euFI
  4. Articles from Encyclopedia Iranica: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96sbAdmiLQw
  5. ==For Land and Money==? It should be "For Land and Wealth"!
  6. http://www.tumenkhishigten.mn/home/brown?s=i Enjoy.
  7. Its common sense, friend. Oh, here's an article: http://www.academia.edu/3816102/Race_and_Political_Resistance_in_Ptolemaic_Egypt_A_New_Perspective_on_the_Thebaid_Revolt Its about Egyptian Rebellion against the Ptolemaic Regime.
  8. Ptolemaic army didn't trust the natives, because the the regime wasn't a real native regime. So, why use natives if they hate you?
  9. http://peopleofar.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/armenian-cataphract-1-2nd-c.jpg They took it from: http://peopleofar.wordpress.com/welcome-to-people-of-ar/
  10. Clothing of People in Sistan during Parthian Period with Reference to the Frescos of Koh-E Khajeh.pdf
  11. No, these are Sassanid's allies and natives from subjugated regions. The infantry armed with short spear and a shield are Yemeni troops which is beyond 0 AD time frame but the Omani Marine did appear in 0 AD time frame so i decide to post the picture on the previous post.
  12. Sorry, there's something wrong but i think i can fix it:
  13. Its a mural from Panjakent, it shows how Real Sughdian Warrior engage in combat, not those from CA's imagination.
  14. Yes, Sughdians warrior are cavalry and murals from Panjakent are the best evidence. Unfortunately, CA ignore the facts and the research done by the archaeologists and came out with their semi fictional Sughdian Warrior which they considered as the best shock infantry for the Sassanids in RTW expansion Barbarian Invasion.
  15. 1. Al-Wadai 2.Ad-Dawsar (Grey Regiment) 3. Lakhmid infantry
  16. Yes, the Sassanid Elephant Corps have howdah in order to deploy warrior (namely cavalry) as mobile missile platform.
  17. 1. Chionite Heavy Pikeman 2. Chionite Elite Warrior 3. Sughdian Cavalry 4. Avar Cavalry 5. Chionite Cavalry 6. Chionite Archer Or more precisely provincial administration building. http://www.iranicaonline.org/articles/chionites-lat
  18. Cataphractus and kamandar.pdf It's about cataphracts, horse archers and its origin, hopefully this may help.
  19. They should be mercenaries, not champions or conscripts.
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