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  1. Last picture looks a bit odd because they look like 3rd century Roman Army instead of Byantine troops.
  2. Perhaps Heraclean army could remain as a part of the Byzantine roster?
  3. Unfortunately, the uploader have some issue and i can't upload it properly.
  4. I wish to contribute something for the cause.
  5. Well, i'm just a bit curious. But i found something that may help: http://www.fanaticus.org/DBA/armies/I22/ If you need further help, Osprey's Men-At-Arms series New Kingdom Egypt could help.
  6. I have become aware about Wikipedia's article about Sassanid military matters, one paragraph mentioned Sassanid army use crossbow during sieges and defensive position but unbeknownst to the researchers there's a weapon called Nawak/Navak or Majra that enable archer to shoot crossbow bolt without using a proper crossbow. Osprey's Sassanian Elite Cavalry AD 224 - 642, mentioned a special crossbow called Panjagan or "Five Device" or repeating crossbow by some readers but after doing some research it is impossible for a cavalryman to use a large and cumbersome crossbow while riding on horseback plus it would be a big problem when the cavalryman wish to reload the crossbow after he discharged all the crossbow's missile. To make the situation even worse, the author ignore the fact Panjagan was an archery tradition obtained by strict training not a wonder weapon!
  7. Here's Justinian army list: Justinian_Byzantine_April_2011.pdf
  8. It looks like Nikephorian Byzantine Army, but what about Justinian or Heraclean Byzantine Army? For more information, please visit: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?560419-End-of-Antiquity-Campaign-The-First-Crusade-(612-710)
  9. You seems to forget the Generals: Sa'd ibn Waqqas, the commander who defeat the Persian army in the battle of Al-Qadisiyyah. Khalid ibn Walid, the best commander in the Islamic Caliphate. Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan, founder of the Umayyad Caliphate.
  10. Yamato Japanese or Sengoku Japanese?
  11. No thanks, but there's something you need to do regarding Sassanid General's Guard Cavalry (i mean Zayedan Grivpanvar), These regiment was under the command by a prince who held the title of Varthragh-Nighan Khvaday, so that means there can be only one person who have such unit. Plus the so called Savaran-i Asawira, there's no Asawira in Sassanid army and the word is an Arabic loanword so all you need to do is to change the name Asawira in to a more generic name: Kamandar-i Asp (Gaiten did it in IBRR). There's another issue about the Sassanid Royal Archer, the name Kamandar-i Shahi should change Kamandar-i Shahvar (the word Shahvar and Sahwar was actually the same word).
  12. Academic articles about Hittite Army: INSIGHTS INTO HITTITE HISTORY AND ARCHAEOLOGY.pdf Documentaries about Hittites: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUOKaodz8Bg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFyxR1tSeY0
  13. Website dedicated to the Germanic tribes (especially the Cherusci): http://legvi.tripod.com/cherusci/ More website about Germanic Tribes: http://ulfhednar.org/
  14. The TV series was eager to Immortalize Ragnar Loðbrók although some of his achievements wasn't historically accurate.
  15. Indeed, it's a good TV series but it scores average in historical accuracy. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2306299/trivia?ref_=tt_trv_trv http://www.academieduello.com/news-blog/facts-foibles-history-channels-series-vikings/
  16. Oh, i wish to play your mod as soon as possible.
  17. Yeah, right. Oh yes, i've been looking at the so called Sassanian map in the game and it seems they have lost several province in Arabia notably the province of Mazun or modern day Oman. Mazun or Oman was an important province for Sassanid Persia because they are the naval base for Sassanid Persia and the function of the base was obvious: to secure Persian trade routes from being harass by pirates. But the team just IGNORE the fact that these are Persian province where Persian governors rule these province instead the team give these province to the Lakhmid Arabs! To make things worse, they just reuse the Roman Bireme and Trireme from Barbarian Invasion instead of creating a new warship model.
  18. Perhaps you wish to explain on behalf IB mod team why would these names appear in Invasio Barbarorum: Somnium Apostatae Iuliani? 1. Savârân-î Grivpânvâr Mesopotamia Pâhlevi 2. Savârân-î Grivpânvâr Assyrian The truth is both province are the same province, the real province name is Asoristan not Mesopotamia or Assyria and the word Mesopotamia was a Greek word Μεσοποταμία! Oh, here's some more: 1. Tabargan-i Daylamig Why would a unit appears in an earlier time frame (Shapur II) instead of later period (Kosrow II)? Trying to make the game merrier? or don't even know when? To add more injuries to the so called "Daylami Guards", they don't wield Tabar at all! I wonder why don't Gaiten the expert of Middle Persian try to correct such mistakes? To make things worse, how could an expert like Gaiten make mistakes about Sassanid provinces? Here's something you might wish to have a look: Shahrestan.pdf
  19. Yes, Gaiten. He's good at designing those so called "Sassanian Infantry" but with a very, very, very strange name even Iranian said the unit name have a handful bad spelling. And I think he have issue with the Sassanid navy when i visit and read some message in End of Antiquity forum in TWC forum months ago as he cannot accept that the fact Sassanid war vessels was made up by Dhow instead of Roman Trireme/Dromon. And those armour from IBRR looks stupid especially for the so called field commander, as i cannot believe that a general could arm himself like the King of Eransahr! To add more injuries to the field commander design are the leg armour, I wonder how could he move with that armoured trousers and if that's an armoured trouser then i wonder how did he wear those fancy pants. I found this very, very interesting when the IBRR decide to give an armoured elephant corps for the Sassanids, if fact no Armenian or Roman source mentioned there's any Armoured Elephant corps! the word Elephant armour or Borgostvan e-Pil didn't exist until the rise of the Ghaznavid and the only Eephant Armour in Iran wasn't a metal armour at all but silk armour! Oh, there's another question why is it all of these Sassanid cavalry have an issue on wearing arm guard and leg guard in IB: SAI and IB:RR? There's another question, why would Gaiten become so eager to make an armoured elephant model but in truth no solid evidence could prove it exist. Oh, Nadeem. Yes i know him in RAT, he tried his best make a body armour and a bamboo lance fit for a king but unfortunately his armour and lance have its flaws! The leg guard, for a person to wear leg guard, conventional trouser seems to be a serious problem. If he wish wish to wear a leg guard to achieve full protection, he need to change his trouser into legging because he need to wear a mail stockings with his leg guard. Fortunately, Romeo Models have a model with such details although i seriously doubt the accuracy of the upper part of the model.
  20. Is this accurate? The leg guard detail looks like a product horrible research and is there any armoured elephant appeared in Middle East during that period? As far as i know, there's no armoured elephant until Ghaznavid rule Khurasan!
  21. Good books about Sassanid Persia: Touraj_Daryaee_Sasanian_Persia_The_Rise_and_Fal(BookFi.org).pdf P.S. The only book that harbour no prejudice against Sassanid Persia plus valuable information where others failed to provide. Sassanid cavalryman model from Romeo Models, although the helmet and the shield emblem seems to be historically inaccurate but nonetheless it was a detailed Sassanid cavalryman in armour. Another example of Sassanid cavalry armour: P.S. Ignore the helmet, use archaeological evidence and logic when designing Sassanid cavalry. Another piece of advice, use logic when designing Sassanid infantry.
  22. It is sad when the game developer turn an RTS franchise into cash cow.
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