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  1. Out of time frame, both Vikings, Normans and Varangians. And Leo, it's DLC not DCL.
  2. But why name it Phalangitès Makedonikos instead of Chalkaspides?
  3. It says possible. But it doesn't confirms it, IMHO factions like Vandals and Huns should be minor DLC factions.
  4. Thank you for the information, at least i have an answer.
  5. First of all, i have to say this is a true RTS that takes history as a serious matter and i love it so much. A few years ago, i found some articles talking about the Parthians and Sassanids from the old 0 AD website. Is it true that they will be introduced into the game (part 2)?
  6. I've seen the unit roster, but i found something wrong: Generic Name: Macedonian Pikeman. Specific Name: Phalangitès Makedonikos. Class: Spearman. Hacker Armament: Long Macedonian pike, the "sarissa". Appearance: Basic: "Chalkaspides" Bronze Shield pikeman. Advanced: "Chrysaspides" Gold Shield pikeman. Elite: "Argyraspides" Silver Shield pikeman. History: . Garrison: 1. Function: Slow. Cavalry killer. Individually very vulnerable to ranged units and swordsmen when not in Syntagma formation. Special: "Syntagma" Formation. The elite should be the "Chrysaspides" not the "Argyraspides". In case of forbidden classes, the Seleucid was able to recruit infantry slinger because they have Fratarakā in Persia to recruit Cyrtians as slingers during the reign of Antiochus III. Here's an article of Encyclopedia Iranica: http://www.iranicaonline.org/articles/cyrtians-gk Hopefully the team may reconsider about the forbidden class.
  7. What about the Seleucid levies or the citizen soldier? Any idea what unit will appear in the list?
  8. How to use a scythed chariot in the actual game? I hope the team knows how.
  9. AFAIK the Parthians have heavy infantry in Rome 2, but i've never heard about dismounting units.
  10. You should go to Bronze Age mod, they have proposed to make a Nubian civilization. Islamic Caliphate was out of time frame and the Berbers have less importance in the game itself. If you wish to see these civilization, you may like to visit the For Honor and Glory forum.
  11. The difference between Carthage and Ptolemaic Egypt was that Carthage didn't attract foreign military settlers to Carthage and give them land because Carthage have money to pay the mercenaries. On the other hand the Ptolemaic Egypt could grant land to the Military settlers in exchange for their military service.
  12. Japan was out of time frame in Part 1, but they have the Yamato in 400 AD and so making them one of the available in the Asian Empires Pack. However the Korean history dated back in 300 BCE, where Jin Kingdom (not to confused with the Jin Empire of the Jurchens) emerge as a unified government in Korea. But IMHO, these Asian civilization could appear in 0 AD mod because the limit of the game itself.
  13. Ptolemaic Egypt was a unique example where an army was organized under several group of people: land holders (military settlers), mercenaries and natives. Unlike any nation i've encountered, they have maintained the balance of power between the foreigners and natives without being overthrown by the natives or foreigners for centuries before the Romans could subjugate the last successor state.
  14. Oh, i like the Kushan, Sassanid and Gupta Empire.
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