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  1. Yes i know that, i'm not expecting R:TW but initially i make a mistake when i start the topic.
  2. Forgive my negligence, at first i thought it was a discussion about Marian Reforms, but i've never expect other reforms are included. About the reforms in the game, it would be the team's decision.
  3. Mayan and Aztec didn't exists anymore, only Mexico exists and there's no Germany at this point only Prussia as the only German nation until Otto Von Bismarck united them under one nation but a good choice nonetheless but still we could divide them as two faction. What about Brazil and Japan? it looks like Brazil and Japan could make into the list. Pirates should be some sort of mini faction, Lakota can only be a mini faction due to its pre-industrial age economy. Portugal, Netherlands too could make into the list as major faction although they lost their influence. Chinese should have two faction: Qing Dynasty and Republic of China to avoid confusion.
  4. Now comes the list of Sassanid Army: 1. Infantry Infantry (Payg) Archer (Kamandar-e Eransahr) Dismounted cavalry (Arteshtar-i Payahdag) Kurdish tribesman 2. Cavalry Sassanid Cataphract (Aswaran-e Eransahr) Clibanarii (Grivpanvar) Sakastan cavalry (Aswaran-e Sakasahr) 3. Champion unit Zayedan (Royal Household Cavalry) Gilani Warrior (Arteshstar-i Gelanig) Royal Household Archers (Kamandar-e Zayedan) War Elephant 4. Siege Onager (Falakan-e Majaniq) Scorpion Battering Ram Siege Tower Ballista 5. Navy Omani War Vessel 6. Heroes Ardashir I Shapur I Shapur II Bahram V (Gur)
  5. Sassanid Dynasty have a navy made up by Arabs that includes people of Kuwait, Bahrain and the people of Oman especially those from the tribe of Azd (Banu Al-Azd). Their war vessels are the famous Dhow but the design was totally different from modern Dhow. But i have manage to identify at least 1 type of ship that could be the warship for Sassanid navy, hope you guys like it. The ship was the only candidate, but if anyone ask what's the flag doing there please ignore it.
  6. Welcome to 0 AD and Wildfiregames forum, Grey Cat.
  7. What Mike wish to said since 0 AD was still under development, so it would be too early to discuss such tech and the effects of the reform and not to mention about implementing such reforms to the game.
  8. Parthian do not use war elephants except for display of power during the reign of Vologases I. Other option like siege ladders could be a good option, while units like Hyrcanian Hillmen which i proposed was armed with axes which means they could destroy wooden palisade and gates thus solving the lack of siege gear problem, unfortunately the only disadvantage of these tribal warrior is that they have low HP and armor.
  9. Parthian never have a navy for they barely control these area. This map will show why: The coastal area which is under control of Elymais, Persis and the Indo Parthian. The former (Elymais, Persis) enjoys a high degree of autonomy while the latter (Indo Parthian) have declare independence from the Parthian central authority and later destroyed by the Kushan Empire. As the Parthian have no control over the coastal area, their navy was a blank. Later they manage to control parts of Arab coast but due to weak imperial authority and wars against Roman Empire, they barely have the resources to raise a navy thus making Parthian navy absent from Parthian history.
  10. Perhaps you should visit http://www.roman-empire.net/index.html. Hopefully it helps.
  11. All i wish to know is Marian Reform but unfortunately i overlook the importance of Camillian Reform. But think again, how much do we know about the Roman army before Camillian Reform? How far will 0 AD go in order to recreate the Pre-Camillian Roman army?
  12. The following discussion focus solely on Marian reforms not other faction related reforms. Due to the nature of the title, discussion regarding other faction's reform is acceptable.
  13. Website about Sassanid Dynasty: http://www.sasanika.org/ http://www.tourajdaryaee.com/ Hope you guys like it.
  14. This is my list of Parthian army, not an official 0 AD list. Hopefully the team may consider it.
  15. I have an article for everyone: http://www.friesian.com/germania.htm
  16. It was the Angles or Anglii, a sub-tribe of the Saxons who have settled in Britain but yet they do not conquer the entire British Isles but only settled down on several Romano British settlements. Plus England didn't exists until 927 AD. But they cannot do that without the help of the Jutes and the Saxons, unfortunately after gaining control most of the Romano British settlements, the Anglo Saxons did not manage to establish a centralized government which make them less capable of becoming a major faction.
  17. A few damage and rebellion doesn't really matter and that is no reason to make them a major faction.
  18. No, Huns are nothing but a force of destruction and they can only destroy but unable to construct, it would be better that Huns become part of the DLC factions. There's no such thing as Byzantines before that it was a fabrication of Western scholar to deny Eastern Roman Empire as the sole inheritor of Roman Empire. Anglo Saxon can either be DLC or mini faction for they lack the influence to be recognized as a major faction. I agree with that but try not to put unnecessary German tribes until there's no space for other faction. Totally agree, they should serve as mini factions instead of DLC factions.
  19. The structure was Germanic but the word have Latin origin. Comitatus - Retinue (Latin)
  20. Yes they destroy the Roman army in Adrianople 378 AD, then they sacked Rome 410 AD which speed up the disintegration of Rome and that is true but ultimately it was the Goths that laid the foundation of a new nation: Spain that makes them important. Huns and Vandals could destroy cities and they slaughter anyone that oppose them but yet for all that they could hardly build a nation like the Goths(Visigoths) did. Both Huns and Vandals are destructive but Goths was able to transform themselves to a constructive nation which do not depend on raids as a source of economy. That's why i choose the Goths.
  21. The Noble cavalry was Cnithe not Comitatus. The picture i posted yesterday came from Invasio Barbarorum: Somnium Apostatae Iuliani, if you wish know more about the mod you may visit TWC forum.
  22. http://www.historyfiles.co.uk/KingListsEurope/BarbarianCherusci.htm Marcomanni wasn't a superpower it was a confederation of tribes rather than a single tribes made up of clans. Indeed, without the Goths there will be no modern Spain, but unfortunately i think Goths should be a major faction not the Cherusci or Marcomanni and i strongly support the Goths as a major faction.
  23. In my honest opinion, Anglo Saxon can only be some sort of mini faction instead of major faction for they lack a permanent standing army and they have a poor logistics which was a serious problem if a player wants to launch a full scale war. If anyone wish to know more about the Anglo Saxons please visit: http://www.angelcynnreenactmentsociety.org.uk/home or http://www.regia.org
  24. Anglo Saxon units: 1. Gisipe - Champions 2. Dugup-Eorid - Hearth troops 3. Saxnotas - The lord's life guard 4. Ceorlas - Saxon Keel 5. Cnithe - Noble cavalry 6. Comitatus - Noble infantry 7. Waldmanne - Hunters 8. Hridraskara - Sea raider 9. Hundradeflocc - levy spearmen 10. Angonwerpara 11. Jugup-Eorid 12. Geburas - peasant levies
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