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  1. I think Belgians should be DLC faction.
  2. Do we need these? These tribes could barely confront the might of the Ancient Superpowers, some of them failed to be regional superpower while others are nothing but desperate people who have no ambitions at all but to survive.
  3. http://www.parthia.com/parthia_language.htm#Parthian
  4. Stratagems, Combat, and Chemical Warfare in the Siege Mines of Dura-Europos.pdf MacKenzie-PahlDict.pdf
  5. Parthian horse armor (bronze): Parthian Phrygian cap:
  6. Rare Parthian unit: Parthian light cavalry with thureos: Parthian infantry:
  7. An interesting article about Surena: http://www.iranchamber.com/history/surena/surena.php
  8. If all Roman infantry unit become Champion unit, then who will provide them missile support? Plus Roman army don't just rely on 1 type of cavalry unit.
  9. A baggage train could have a very low initial cost but the cost will increase after a certain period when the army reached a certain size. For example when an army consists of 100 to 200 units, player may need one to two logistic convoy with a low, average or high cost (depends on what type of unit the player have in a military campaign or the population limit in the game) because logistic convoy with the ability to replenish unit 's willingness to fight at a certain rate but not all unit have the same will and cohesion which makes logistics a problem which player cannot ignore thus forcing player to limit the size of the champion unit, mercenaries and other expensive citizen soldier unit.
  10. You mean inflatable cost, right? If we introduce this into the game then its hard for certain factions to expand their economy or defend themselves and don't forget we have logistics in the future where player have spend a considerable amount of resources on it. Why don't use logistics as a penalty against certain factions or units like hero, champion, mercenaries and other citizen soldiers like cavalry will cost more supplies from logistic convoy instead of introducing inflatable costs?
  11. Roman Republic's armed forces consists of Hastatus (Principes), Triarius, Velites, Eques, Extraordinarius and Equites Consulares with additional siege equipment. But how do 0 AD team implement the change within the Roman Army ranks? These are the questions: 1. How do 0 AD team introduce new legionary unit? 2. Will the Non-Marian units (Hastatus (Principes), Triarius, Velites, Eques, Extraordinarius and Equites Consulares) become obsolete when Marian Reforms introduced? 3. How to balance the Roman Army after Marian Reforms? 4. Will the Marian Legionaries and other auxiliary units become citizen soldier? 5. Is there any possibility a new Champion unit appear in barracks and forts?
  12. History of Civilizations of Central Asia Vol II.pdf History of Civilizations of Central Asia Vol III.pdf
  13. Carthaginians are Canaanites! They came from Tyre in order to reject tyranny and they establish a new colony in modern day Tunisia. Carthaginian society was an ethnic conscious society, the aristocrats staunchly preserved the purity of their bloodlines in order to distinguish Carthaginian from Libyan, Numidians and other races created by intermarriage which was a means to protect their position as the ruler of Carthage. Axumites and Himyarites are suitable for 0 AD time frame, but how much do you know about these peoples? Their military, economy, politics and their culture?
  14. WFG are no Ensemble Studio, WFG mostly focus on Mediterranean, Europe, Middle East and South Asia not East Asia.
  15. Try to find a reliable source instead of wikipedia because it prone to contradictions and lacks of accuracy. But i have another website that will open your eyes: http://www.1902encyclopedia.com/G/GER/germany-18.html
  16. That's way too far from 0 AD's range. Yes, by time line they did fit in but in case geography they didn't .
  17. It's okay, after all both Crassius and Surena died because of wealth and fame.
  18. Crassius died in battle, Surena was executed for his fame and achievements.
  19. 0 AD in its current stage have given most factions a fair share of siege gear, but some factions or future factions have less or none of these units. To solve the trouble of unable to attack walls, i suggest 0 AD team to develop a special abilities option for some specific unit or create new construction abilities like building siege rampart or other special option in the future release.
  20. Unfortunately he's head was severed from his body.
  21. Yes, you're right but for the Persians this is their first attempt.
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