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  1. i agree with that, is not enogth yet, but i guess they will do
  2. play in deathmatch, you know the game is in Alpha and that are recent features.
  3. Xfire or other clients are no match for gameranger. maybe Steam but, that very commercial plataform.
  4. what so mess that fortress to close. but my Siege Engines are resdy to crush them.
  5. so complicare do it every time. i want play some mods
  6. nice tech tree.i want more technologies. are too hard to programming?
  7. is not too soon? i mean that is a misc feature.
  8. what? you are talking of 0 A.D? or Aok? why a templar knight fit with the game?
  9. good work but try to do as mod in Modification Forums. you can create a cool name and recruit a team.
  10. is not necessary but have a background history as gameplay is interesting, you know change the history, but may be as campaing and not in match playing is better idea.
  11. if its possibly have the game in game ranger would be cool.
  12. in scenario is highly need population limit can be enable to select.
  13. what happening to the auras? how you doing with that?
  14. hahaha, 0 .A.d and age of mythology what a honor.
  15. but is more ancient? is possibly the Persian pray other gods?
  16. actually we are discussing about that in other topic.
  17. wow Oshron is too many gods, now how would work this ? Lion has great ideas, i miss personally , the old school, Technology Age of Empires.
  18. I suggest 3 levels of technological research for each resource in the game, in this case 4 resources and three levels each, and there are stone and metal, but not food and wood, and food must be 3 or 2 per collection type, one for hunting, one for fishing, one for farming and one for collecting fruit bushes.
  19. wololo command is possibly to do a kind of convertion if is used with button instead a input?
  20. most people are bad defending and are slow collecting resources. even dont know garrison units XD.
  21. mythos you must to make a video about top useful quick tips like that, the most player in this topic don't any idea what to do in some situation.
  22. the Iberian units are more raged unit. is a pleasure. shied attack to do combos. very spectacular gameplay without fantasy nice way to learn history. the elephant would be fearsome unit. the Spartan must have own rage but loss HP.
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