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  1. I thought ponies are herbivores and here they are gathering meat lol
  2. The 2 handed swordmen could be for anti-cavalry. There are mentions of the zhanmajian (horse cutting sword) dating back to the Han so the unit can be based off that.
  3. Maybe have each field made up of 3-4 square or rectangle individual terraces with rounded corners. Have grass or moss growing on top of the border walls and maybe even have the walls made of rough small stone bricks so that it might look nicer than muddy look it has now?
  4. I wonder how'd people would feel to have signalling towers like those that provided signals for the the great wall as a unique structure to the Han faction. They'd basically act like mini fortresses that you can build in neutral territory, can garrison & heal units but can't train units. Historically they certainly did provide for a defensive system as well as a front for attack and expansion along with the early great walls.
  5. Hi, So I drew this idea from other RTSs such as Rise of Nations, Age of Empires III and to some extant Stronghold. I feel that the inclusion of 'wealth' or basically money in one form or another can potentially add a new layer of depth and realism to this game, because lets face it: how can some of the biggest empires in history not have any money and rely so heavily on gathering like palaeolithic peoples! Of course, I'm no game developer, and this idea may sound a little stupid, or unpopular because it might drastically change how economy works, slows the pace of gameplay or is against the 'vision' of what 0AD should be. But I still think it's worth looking into... What is wealth for? To buy resources with, to train champion units, and for building wonders. During mid or late game a player may research a tech from the market that allows one to automatically purchase resources if one is lacking but needed. So say you want to train a unit but have no more metal. The tech will make it so that once you begin to train that unit, wealth will automatically be deducted in order to purchase metal. How do you get it: So all players may start accumulating wealth once a market is built. Wealth may be earned at first by selling resources and trading with other players or neutral trade outposts if a map has them. Initially, you would earn very little doing these, but after building a market a player will be able to build a special building that allows one to farm wealth. These will act just like farm where you assign workers to them and drop off the resource in a new drop off building. For example, the Mauryans may get a new spice farm where worker units will gather spices and drop them off to a processing plant where the spices became your 'wealth'. This value however, will be much lower than that of food you get from farms. Furthermore, to simulate the act of exporting special good through trade, the more you build these special 'wealth farms', you more wealth you will earn through trading. And finally, to simulate the act of looting and pillaging, you can also earn wealth by destroying enemy 'wealth farms' and markets, and when a player is defeated, all of that player's remaining wealth will be distributed among the enemy team. How can this be beneficial: - Allows for the playability of maps where certain resources are lacking. like a desert with little wood or an environment that lacks stone - Adds realism - Helps late game - More depth - More tactical possibilities Some thing which some may dislike: - May encourage turtling - May slow down the pace of a game - Some may not like the added complexity - May distract from the focus on warfare
  6. True, but I don't see why we can't be 'selective' about it. I think Including the 5 Dynasties and 10 Kingdoms as well as Tang will make the faction overall more interesting. As it would mean access to units that would have no place if saved for part 2. I thought part 1 is 500-1000 AD now?
  7. 6.2) Paper Lantern TBH, I am not even sure paper lantern existed back then. Even if it did, it wouldn't look like this. 6.3) Water Well Could refer to the pottery models for a better design. Reference 16: Han Dynasty Pottery Well 6.4) Door AFAIK all doors on Han Dynasty buildings are rectangular. No arched door. Speaking of which, that sign above this door read "大雄宝殿", which is the main hall of Shaolin Temple (which didn't existed yet). That font also haven't been invented. 6.5) Barrack While current model is good, I would like to suggest an alternate layout: Reference 17: Some kind of barrack 6.6) Bixie This design is again too advanced for Han Dynasty. Reference 18: Han Dynasty bixie statue 6.4) But what about this? I also recall that the Gates at the Dunhuang Great Wall ruins are arched as well. Although that could be due to erosion. Arches are also extensively used in Han tombs and the sewage systems of Chang'an. So IMO it's not unreasonable to assume that arched doors are occasionally used in some fortified structures as well. That sign is not exclusive to the Shaolin Temple but is found at the main hall of all Buddhist temples. Of course that means it's still very out of place. What you normally get instead is a unique name for the particular building which could be anything really. And yeah agree the font is wrong it should either be seal script or clerical script. 6.5) The reason I made the layout like that in the initial concept art was because its the standard layout for barracks of all factions in the game. So from a gameplay perspective its so that all players can more easily identify it as such. 6.6) The difference isn't that huge IMO. This was reference I used when I drew the concept: Yeah... not that close lol! But still close enough IMO. All other points I more or less agree with.
  8. Ha! I totally didn't think about the back! I'm sure a simple wall like in the front but thinner is fine. As for the statues its up to the modeler really...
  9. I know. I took forever. Terribly sorry about that! Gov Centre:
  10. Or maybe just leave the Yuan for a Mongol faction? The way I see it will allow the Mongols to have buildings and a navy.
  11. @wolflance I admit. The op that I wrote ain't very accurate and a lot of this comes from the Five Dynasties & Ten Kingdoms period. Thanks for the corrections. However, if I'm correct that part 1 is to be set between 500-1000 AD would it be a good idea to just call this faction "China" and base it on the Sui-Tang and ending at the Five Dynasties & Ten Kingdoms at late game? This will allow it to incorporate some cool units that occurred not long after the fall of the Tang but would be too "outdated" to be saved for part 2, such as the "Dragon Ship" which some people reckon was the first use of the Chinese flamethrower in warfare (Battle of Lanshanjiang 919). It would also justify the firelance as they were in use by 950 AD at the latest. On another note. Should the Chinese faction from part 2 start from the Song and end with early Ming? The Song fell by 1279, which leaves out 221 years worth of interesting potential units. Like Zheng He's treasure fleet for example (1371-1433). I am thinking of completely overhauling this faction proposal based on this notion, with more historically accurate units.
  12. ROTTK heroes we can save for part II of 0AD right? More appropriate for the time period (1-500AD). You can easily justify their inclusion though! Since much of the story and conflicts takes place during the finals years of the Han as opposed to after its collapse. Having Guan Yu as a hero will be super rad though!
  13. Thanks for the info dude! & You're right, bamboo is rarely used in chinese architecture outside of scaffolding, and certainly not for walls. For a weaker wall I'd suggest either use some kind of rammed earth walls or just stick to the wooden palisades that everyone has. IMO Le Druide's concept are more like residential walls used to divide city blocks/wards etc but it would certainly make great eyecandy at the very least. Very useful to people who want to recreate ancient Chang'an!
  14. Much better! Btw, there's also this government center (is it still called that?) I want to talk about. Before drawing it I like to know what it does? Other than that and the wonder are there any other buildings planned?
  15. Nice one! But there's a bit of the bug right now: the building is now invisible except for the door and the little dragon head drain pipe thingys.
  16. Stan your gate looks epic but I have to agree with what other's have said. Sometimes you have to take artistic liberties to make everything work, not just try to mimic the references as closely as you can. Another thing I would add is that it does look too much like you scaled up 2 watch towers to make it, which makes the top floor look like its for giants! Maybe if you can you may try to bring the wooden towers a little closer to the level of the wall. Shorten the top floor a little and the railings to the size of those on the watch towers. Make it look like a wider structure by maybe adding an extra rail post on the top floor. Also see if you can make the door wider by either making the slanted walls straight and narrower instead, make it go into the middle less, or just remove it- your call. Please don't take this badly, we're all trying to help
  17. If too many ship types is an issue then would it be a good idea to scrap the old tower ship (the one without sails) to make room for the quinquereme equivalent? since they are basically the same except ones bigger and has hammers. EDIT: Forgot to mention, don't most reconstructions have oars?
  18. Hey just throwing out some ideas! Hope you're joking tho coz that imo is kind of long! Maybe a reasearch that makes crossbowmen or certain other units more efficent be better? But hey I'm only the guy who does the drawings its best not leaving big gameplay decisions up to me!
  19. Possibly base the emblem on this:
  20. Not sure about that idea. I was just thinking of it being like a regular blacksmith from any faction. Only exceptions are that maybe there'll be a couple of unique researches based on the tech of cast iron such as cast iron weapons: which maybe allows you to train units a certain percentage faster at a slight cost to the damage they can deal (cast iron blades tend to more brittle). Or maybe cast iron lamellars for armor, or cast iron crossbow parts etc...
  21. I think as long as they don't look so drastically different to the point that it becomes an eyesore (like completely different colour etc) its ok. I guess maybe we need opinions from a few more ppl here?
  22. Up to you I don't really mind. They are not wood really they are ceramic tiles like the rest of the roof. I guess the inconsistency with say like the Civ Center is because I was imagining the idea of having one type of roof for 'commoner' buildings such as houses, farms and industrial building which uses poorer quality tiles and another type for 'noble' and military buildings which looks more regal. But of course if you want to keep everything consistent I'm totally fine with that too!
  23. Drew the concept so I'll just kick it off! Some notes: * This Blacksmith incorporates a blast furnace, which is the stone platform with the wide chimney like thing. The Han was the only culture that uses blast furnaces to make tools and weapon parts out of cast iron in this timeframe. * The mechanism on the right is a human "hamster wheel" that turns a pole which pushes down a bellow with the studs on it. The wooden counterbalanced crane pulls it back up. During the Han these where often powered by water but I went for man power for obvious reasons. * The pool in the middle is where they pour molten iron in. * At the bottom is a crate of molds. References used:
  24. Maybe I'm just being selfish but I'd rather just have the obstruction increased. (i was the one who requested for it to be increased to its current size) If for gameplay reasons etc that it needs to shrink I understand. Just please not to the old boundry size cause it will look weird!
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